The best thing about our holiday?

12 days is just about the maximum number of days we can stay in Sydney (without getting sick of the place or getting broke first after eating out so much).

It’s a wonderful cosmopolitan place, with lots to see and do, even for kids. However, most things are just too expensive. Shopping is about 30-40% more costly than Singapore (unless you limit your shopping from only Target, K-mart or thrift shops) and eating out is pricey. Besides there is hardly any service to talk about. Shopping is only fun when it comes to fresh produce, like meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables, however try not to even consider imported produce. I still find it extremely ridiculous that ginger (obviously not grown in Australia) costs like AUD$50 per kg!

Apart from little peeves like the above, it is still a nice place to go for a family vacation. The region offers a vast variety of nature and wildlife attractions, extremely apt for children who love nature and animals.

For K, there is one memorable thing that he remembers fondly from our trip…

The best thing… from Rachel T on Vimeo.

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