15 Things I will Do Differently in 2015

I don’t do resolutions.

I haven’t been much of a resolution setter or keeper the last 5 years, so this post is not so much of setting resolutions. Rather, it is to re-align the changes to reflect the values that matter most to me for my life. My attitude towards these changes that I am planning to take is not about doing things to justify my self-worth, to give myself significance or create a sense of security.

Instead, these changes that I am planning to make revolves around two keywords that God have highlighted to me for 2015.


These two keywords of Love and Redeem the Time will be the ‘fuel’ for the things that I am planning to do differently this year:

15in2015 1




1. Meet an old or new friend at least once a month.

These old or new friends will not include those that I meet weekly.

You might wonder why this is a big deal for me. Many friends noticed that I retreated into my ‘cave’ for the whole of 2014, and wondered what happened to me. Well, I am back! But it’s not the same Rachel anymore. This Rachel is back with renewed vigor, enthusiasm and hope. If you feeling down in the dumps and need a boost, you know who to call to meet :P


2. Make a point to talk to my parents on regular basis, to continue to show them respect and care.

I stay with my mom on the weekdays, so its easy to sit down to have a chat with her. However, with my dad, (whom I am not living with), I have to make that call regularly to meet for a meal or for coffee, just to find out how are things with him. The first half of 2013, I did not call him or speak to him for 6 months, so this has to change!


3. Message hb more regularly

Having a spouse that works overseas is not the easiest for me to maintain regular contact with. I don’t like to do Skype or talk on the phone (see point 2). So using phone chat apps are the best thing to have to maintain communication. This might come natural to others, but I do need to make a mental note to message or communicate with hb daily. Weird I know, but I have always been very independent, and before I got married, rather introverted. Probably would have remained an ‘old maid’ if I didn’t get stuck with him in my late teens.


15in2015 2




The Christian life is ever changing. A Christian has to be ever willing to make improvements in their character and attitudes, but never compromise their convictions or character.

4. Be a good example.

Live a life like a true Christian and not like a hypocrite, to always practice what I preach.


15in2015 3




One of the best paths to making changes in life, I believe, is to focus on self. Don’t focus on thinking that I can change my parents, my friend who is full of trouble or even my hb. How about the naysayers who gossip about me or have nothing good to say? Forget about changing what people think of me. I will just focus on becoming a better person.

5. Lay aside all malice, hypocrisy, envy and gossip.

Watch what comes out from my mouth. I can make the choice to say encouraging things to build up, or condemning words to tear down. Only speak about others with truth and love. I can be a very straight-forward person and I am aware that truth can sometimes hurt, so I need to be gentler and more cautious with the words I use.


6. Don’t crave for what others have or own, either through experience or through possessions.


7. Be friendly and smile more!

I used to have this frown in my face as I am deep in thought most of the time, but have started making this effort to smile or have this somewhat ‘gentler’ expression. So if eye contact is made, with a stranger, more than 80% of the time, I get a smile back, while 20% of the time I get a quizzical expression :P


8. Be Giving.  

Not just with money or things, but give my time to anyone who needs a listening ear, some advice or just be a friend.


15in2015 4




9. Write More!

My focus this year is to write more, starting with this blog. Less haphazardly, but with more focused topics that are in line with the mission statement of this blog; ‘Living Life with Meaning and Inspiration.’


10. Craft More!

The second half of 2014, I started crafting again, from where I left off a few years ago. This year I will have more reasons to craft ;) It will not just be sewing craft, but fuse beads and paper craft .


11. Draw and paint

I took up some lessons on watercolor painting last year and stopped after 10 lessons, due to the lack of time. I don’t plan to continue the lessons but I will spend some time experimenting on my own. Been longingly looking at the jar of watercolor brushes on my desk the last 8 months, and even went to Artfriend last week to buy some new brushes.  So it is time that I do something about it.


12. Write some more!

Not just through emails, FB messages or the phone. I will be spending more time writing to friends through snail mail, but not in the penpal sort of way. Maybe the hb will also get some snail mail coming his way :P I will be sharing more on #InHisLoveMail initiative on this blog soon.


15in2015 5




13. To be more consistent, especially when it comes to guiding the little boy with his schoolwork

I was not the most effective mom last year when it comes to guiding K in his studies. By December, his assessment books were barely 1/4 completed, and he only managed to complete another 1/4 of the assessment books during the school holidays, and the books ended up being thrown down the rubbish chute.


14. To be more disciplined to continue my sessions with K for the Ancient History curriculum, and also start on Creative Writing with him at home.


15.  To finally update this blog with more of the Home-Learning articles that was written in 2011-2013 from the old Home-Learning website.

Myplayschool.net, which is now defunct, is a trove of Home-Learning articles accumulated from the 3 years of maintaining the site. There was so much time spent writing these timeless tutorials and ideas, which I believe will be very beneficial for moms who are looking out for Home-Learning ideas to coach their preschoolers.


It’s a good thing I place a cap on the number of things that I want to do differently this year, if not, I think I could probably squeeze in at least 10 more! There is so much to do this year, albeit differently from last year. So here’s to a productive, meaningful and inspirational 2015 ahead!



Next on the ’15 Things I will Do Differently in 2015′ Blog Train will be Irene of Singapore Mom Blogs

IreneSMBA former Flight Attendant who swapped wings for kids. This skinny mom of 3 proudly declares her addiction for food and refuses rehabilitation. She loves taking photos of food and believes that good food are meant to be shared. Even with her wings clipped, and kids in tow, she travels and writes about her family travel adventures. Irene is a professionally trained make up and nail artist who loves sharing tips on how to be a sassy mom.

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Blog Train : 15 or 5 Things I will Do Differently in 2015


This Blog Train sounds very much like a listing of resolutions that we are planning to keep for 2015.

But it will not be just for resolutions. Some of us will be listing out resolutions to commit to improve our lives, while others, might be looking to be the enabler for some changes in our families this year.

If we desire improvements or positive changes in any area of our lives, taking this step to think differently could be the very thing to motivate the physical changes. Change will only start when we recognize the ways we need to improve or grow.

And this is coming from someone who has no problems with eating the same breakfast for many years in a row. So, to attempt to do 15 things differently this year will a big thing for me :)

So look out for the 34 different perspectives offered from 34 Singapore Mom Bloggers in the next 4 weeks. These posts might just motivate you to create some positive changes in your life and families for this year!


Here are the blog posts lined up:

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29 Jan  Winnie http://toddlymummy.blogspot.com

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31 Jan  Danessa http://prayerfullmum.net

1 Feb  Pauline C http://journeytothebump.blogspot.com

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13 Feb  Rachael  http://jahbella.net

14 Feb  Summer  http://www.ahappymum.com

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16 Feb  Cheryl  http://www.privikids.blogspot.sg

17 Feb  Agatha  http://www.greenissuessingapore.blogspot.com

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23 Feb  Mei Chee  http://www.finallymama.wordpress.com

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26 Feb  Ting  http://miracule.blogspot.sg/

27 Feb  Angelia  http://growinghearts123.wordpress.com/

28 Feb  Hui Ing  http://ingspirations.com

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The Felt Book for Math – #InHisLoveFund

If you have read this blog for a while, you can guess that I have a thing for felt :)

This is something that I designed, and was hand-made by my ex-helper (QC done by me), which will be up for sale. All proceeds of the sale of this item will go into the #InHisLoveFund, details of this initiative is shared in this post.


The Felt Book for Math (9 sets available)

Front Cover;  The Felt Math Book 10

It comes with both the detachable birdie purse and the goldfish purse.

The Felt Math Book 9

The purse has press buttons, and velcro at the back.

The Felt Math Book 20

This Felt Book for Math has a total of 72 handmade pieces of felt numbers, felt sweets, felt flowers and leaves, all sewn with a velcro at the back of each piece.

The Felt Math Book 21   So how do you use this 72 pieces with the Felt Book?

Page 2 and 3 of The Felt Book for Math;

1) The Pattern Game 

Patterning is a basic and foundational math skill which many mathematical concepts are based. Addition, skip counting, times tables all require an understanding and proficiency in patterning.

The Felt Math Book 13

Here is an ABAB pattern that you child can learn.

How to teach;

Demonstrate First – “We are going to play a pattern game today! Watch this. Blue sweet, pink sweet, then blue sweet, and pink sweet. Do you know what comes next? Blue sweet and pink sweet!”

Repeat the pattern verbally, and point out the pattern to the child – “Blue sweet, pink sweet, blue sweet, pink sweet, blue sweet, pink sweet”

The Felt Math Book 14

Here’s another variation of pattern;

ABC, ABC, ABC; Yellow Sweet, Blue Sweet, Pink Sweet, Yellow Sweet, Blue Sweet, Pink Sweet, Yellow Sweet, Blue Sweet, Pink Sweet.

As there are 15 sweets in the set, with 3 of each color, yellow, red, pink, blue, green, there are different variations of patterns that you can teach your child.


2) The Number Operations Game

Rearranging the numbers to show 1-15 in a row, going through the numbers with the child. Then start taking away some of the numbers, place them in a pile on the side, and then get your child to pick the right numbers to put them in the blank spaces.


3) Number Bonding and Addition and Subtraction Game 

Start with using the words ‘add on’ and ‘take away’ before introducing the mathematical symbols of ‘+’, ‘-’ and ‘=’.

Use the sweets, flowers and leaves to help your child to think creatively about numbers. Show the child a group of the felt pieces and ask him/her “How many ways can we make 6?’ and, come up with a combination of different things to come up with 2 and 4, 3 and 3, 1 and 5 and 6 and 0. You can use the felt pieces to teach number bonding.

Once the child can think conceptually the concepts of addition and taking away, that’s when the mathematical symbols of addition and subtraction can be taught, while at the same time using the felt pieces to allow the child to count something physically.

The Felt Math Book 15 The Felt Math Book 18


Page 4 and 5 of The Felt Book;

4) Counting Activity and Number Correspondence

Place a number next to the flower or the leaf, and have the child place the number of flowers and leaves on the plant according.

The Felt Math Book 22

5) Spatial Concepts

You can teach spatial concepts like Right, Left, top, bottom, in between.

Demonstrate first – “Shall we put one pink flower on the left branch, and another pink flower on the right branch? Then let’s put a white flower below the pink flower. How about another pink flower below the white flower? Shall we put a leaf between the top and bottom pink flowers?”

Once the child has a concept of what is Right, Left, top, bottom, in between. You can start a new game by giving directions to your child.


Page 6 and 7 of The Felt Book; 

6) Pretend Play and Picture Stories

Your child can use the Goldfish and Birdie purse, use the numbers as coins to do pretend play to buy sweets, flowers, plants.

Or he/she can create picture stories on the felt book with the various pieces that are detachable and arranged as he/she likes it.

The Felt Math Book 19


Each set of The Felt Book for Math comes with 72 detachable pieces; 19 green numbers, 19 blue numbers, including the +, – and = signs.  15 sweets in yellow, red, blue, pink and green, 8 leaves, 9 flowers and with both the goldfish and birdie purses.

The Felt Book for Math costs $39.00, including registered mail. All proceeds of this handmade item will go into the #InHisLoveFund. 

Drop me a mail at inhislovemail@gmail.com to purchase The Felt Book for Math. 



Update 6 January 3.15pm – All 9 sets of The Felt Book have been reserved.

Do drop me a mail to leave me your name and email contact if you are interested to purchase this, and I will keep you updated if anyone gives up their reservation for the item – Thanks!

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