Bibi Blogs: Pet Subscription Box – Wiggle Box Review

Subscription boxes is in the rage these days, from beauty, food to even dog subscription boxes. So my human got me a trial subscription box from

If you have a short attention span (like me) and like surprises in a box to be delivered to your home monthly (dogs especially love new toys and goodies). For human subscription boxes, there are new stuff in their boxes monthly, and things are curated for the box, usually at a discount from retail prices. Dog subscription boxes are similar that way.

So what do I like about Wigglebox so far?

I like it that there was free and reliable delivery. The morning on the day the item was delivered to my home, my human received an sms in the morning to inform her that the courier will deliver the item at a specific window of time later that same day.

It was all very exciting for me, to see this man at the door with a box with an orange ribbon, with a box of stuff just for me! Only for me! And to think that just 1.5 weeks ago, I was still in a cage in a petshop.

IMG 2565

The human didn’t even take a proper photo of the box with the nice orange ribbon, she just couldn’t wait and ripped open the box, I suspect she is more excited about my stuff than I am.

IMG 2560

The next thing I liked was that the box was bigger than I am, I could sit in it and practice my pensive look.

This was a trial box at $28, with 5 items. I packet of treats, 3 toys and a product sample.

Product Plans :

One Time Trial Box – $28

3 month Plan @ $26 a month – $78

6 month Plan @$25 a month – $150

12 month Plan @$23 a month – $276

IMG 2562

What’s in the box?


1. Wellness Petite Treats in Duck, Mango and Coconut 170g – Retail Price $9.50 from Pet Lover Centre

My human just got a pack for me last week in a different flavour. I can regretfully only eat 1-2 a day, as the woman is stingy with her treats. For a chihuahua pup, 120 pieces in a pack of treats can last me a long time. So this pack will be going to Uncle Moey (my human’s extended family’s 7 year old Sheltie).

Uncle Moey is really benefitting from all these really, ever since I came into my human’s life, she has been buying treats for me and then sharing them with Uncle Moey.

2. Warren London Sample  – Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets 30g (4 tablets)

Retail price probably ZERO, cos my human who was trained in Marketing in Consumer Goods says that it cost them nothing to have it in the package. All it took was Wigglebox people to seek sponsorships from brands and they usually give it FOC to them.

This will go to uncle Moey too, as my pink tender paws have only seen the marble in the home, I am still not a fan of the concrete and the grass as far as I know. Come on woman, you have to give me time!

3. Rope Toy – Retails price estimated the most $6

4. Bedroom slipper squeaky soft toy $4.50

My human saw it at at that price

5. Life Buoy looking toy – Retail price estimated the most $6 

Total Estimated Value at $26

IMG 2564

As you can see in the photos, the toys are quite big. Again I am in extra small sized now, so everything will look big relative to my size.

I may be small and don’t eat too much treats, but only 1 treat in the box?

As for the toys, they may be aesthetically impressive due to their size relative to my size, but it doesn’t entertain me for very long. There needs to be more customisation on the toys especially for toy sized dogs, in fact even an option for puppies will be so much cooler. The slipper thing is pretty good with its squeaky feature and plush fabric, but there are many toy Poodles, Shih tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Malteses with small mouths that will prefer smaller toys.

My human paid $28 for the subscription box, so I was hoping that I could get more treats of toys for a better value.

My human said that we will likely not continue our subscription with Wigglebox until we see some improvements in their offerings. So far, I am really not impressed by Wigglebox.

IMG 2563

I don’t particularly enjoy it when my human makes me pose for picture especially with that big buoy thing around my head, but hey! A pup eventually needs to get use to having the phone camera at his face and learn to stay still for photos.

My human told me that there are two more subscription boxes coming our way in the next couple of weeks, one from Malaysia and another catered for puppies from the USA.

So how will Wigglebox compare with these other subscription boxes? Stay tune for my next review!

Woof! Signing out!


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A Gold Coast Family Vacation

It felt rather surreal for hb and I to have returned to the same place where we first visited 16 years ago, when we were poor, ‘starry-eyed’ Uni students.

Then, we took a 30+ hours Greyhound coach ride from Melbourne and spent a week in Gold Coast, hopped onto public transportation to get the various theme parks. Being poor students, we could only afford one expensive steak dinner, from a steak restaurant which we discovered while strolling along the 5km stretch of long sandy beaches along Surfers’ Paradise.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 35

The Gold Coast that we remembered 16 years ago, definitely had less buildings peppering the skyline.

This time round, we opted for a less busy place to stay in Gold Coast, specifically, Broadbeach, instead of Surfers’ Paradise, which was quieter and had plenty of amenities. Broadbeach has a nice stretch of the beach, with good restaurants.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi1

So what do you do in Gold Coast with an 8 year old?

Gold Coast is theme park central in Australia, so visiting the theme parks is a mandatory major part of the visit there.

We spent 4 days in a theme park, mostly weekdays, from the time the parks were opened in the mornings to the late afternoon queuing up to take the various rides in Dreamworld, Wet & Wild, Movie World, and viewing marine life and watching performances at SeaWorld.

Dream World

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi2KungFu Panda themed section in Dreamworld 

Dreamworld main attraction is its Big 9 thrill rides, rides with names like ‘The Giant Drop’, ‘Tail Spin’, ‘Tower of Terror’, ‘Wipeout’, ‘Cyclone’ etc, you can probably know what to expect.

I used to be very game to take thrilling rides in theme parks, but not anymore. All it took was one ‘deceiving’ rickshaw looking ride known as ‘Pandemonium’,  in KungFu Panda theme section, which kept me off from taking any ride for the rest of the day. I definitely did not do well in the ride which soared 8 meters high, sent round and round in circles, side to side and upside down at up to 3.8 G-forces!

The little boy on the other hand, seem to do quite well even after taking the rides.

Dreamworld had a wildlife area with a small section of Australia wildlife, which provided a good respite from the crazy rides.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi3Birds in Dreamworld Coroboree

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi9The customary photo with the Australian Kangaroo


Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi4

This theme park was Kyle’s favourite amongst the others, I think it was the experience of viewing marine life, animals, sitting rides and watching animal shows, all found in one place.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi5

The highlight of Kyle’s SeaWorld visit had to be the 30 minute Helicopter ride, taking in the aerial view of Gold Coast and the Hinterlands…

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi6

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 39

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi7

and getting his personalised trucker cap and temporary tattoo :)

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi8

Mount Tamborine

We took a drive up to the Hinterlands, Mount Tamborine when the weekend came around. It was a refreshing change from the theme park experiences, but it fell short of what I expected the place to be like. If you have been to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, or Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, and expect something similar to these places, you would be sorely disappointed, like how I was :(

Apart from some quaint cafes along Gallery Walk, the row of shops sold mainly china-made goods and offered new age services like tarot reading. I was hoping to see some shops with locally sourced products or hand crafted goods, but there was none. The only shop that was worth visiting was the shop that sold Tamborine Tea.

The Gallery Walk experience was such a disappointment that we decided to skip the nature hikes and took a drive back to Broadbeach.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi10We had a Devonshire Tea set in a quaint cafe along Gallery Walk

Burleigh Heads

We headed over to Burleigh Heads on Sunday morning to visit the monthly Art and Crafts Market at the beachfront, which was about a 10 minutes drive away from Broadbeach.

There were quite a number of interesting stalls with handmade items, and locally produced products. Although it was smaller than expected, it was worth the visit.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 78Along Burleigh Heads Beach

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 59Spotted a Peaceful Protest along Burleigh Beach

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the things we felt we didn’t see enough of from the last 6 days of our Gold Coast trip were animals, so a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was a must-do on our last full day in Gold Coast.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi12

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 81 2

Kyle spent his time feeding Kangaroos and spotting the lizards that freely roamed around the Sanctuary

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi11

A key milestone he achieved from his visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was attempting the Treetop Walk Challenge, as he overcame his fear of heights by braving through the course with hb behind him.

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 67

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi13

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 combi14

I think a week in the Gold Coast is adequate to experience the most of what Gold Coast can offer, while I would most likely need another week at home to recuperate from the trip 😛

Goldcoast holidayDec2015 17The view from our room in Broadbeach

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Pinned it, Made it – Geometric Blocks

I have been spending time browsing through Pinterest and found so many good ideas for Home Decor display items.

One of the design decor ideas that I mentioned in a recent post that I will be adopting for the home will Geometric Designs, and I spotted this item; Geometric Blocks that I really liked.

Screen Shot 2015 10 25 at 8 27 47 pm

The only limitation is that most of these things are available in US and it can get rather costly to get them shipped to Singapore :( So I decided to make my own version of Geometric blocks.

Plain wooden blocks can be easily found at Daiso, and it is sold in a pack of 12 for SGD $2, so I bought 3 packs of 32 blocks and together with these other materials,

Geometric Blocks 1

Materials needed to make Geometric Blocks;

32 Wooden Blocks


Gouche or Acrylic Paint

Brushes and a Paint Palette

Washi tape or masking tape

1. Sandpaper the surface of the wooden blocks, before paint is applied

Geometric Blocks 2

2. Use washi or masking tape and tape on a block cross diagonally to create a triangular shape

Geometric Blocks 3

Geometric Blocks 4

4. Apply paint on the triangular area on the block, taking care not to let paint drip to the sides of the block

Geometric Blocks 5

5. Paint triangles on all 32 blocks on all six sides, one colour at the time.

Geometric Blocks 6

6. There you have it, Geometric Blocks. Each block has 6 sides to it, so you can select a colour palette of 6 different shades that are complementary to one another.

Geometric Blocks 7

As I went with 32 cubes, of 6 sides each, it can work out to quite a number of sections on total number of cubes to paint. Then the cube was finished with a paint setting spray.

This project (including drying time for the paint) was completed in 2 sessions of 2 hours each. Rather time consuming, but the final outcome of the decor item was worth the effort.

There are likely many permutations of geometric patterns that can be created with 32 blocks with 6 sides each, and I haven’t found the time to explore how much patterns can be created with this.

But I love this decor item as it is interactive, and not static like most decor items or shelving displays.

And most of all I made it myself!

Geometric Blocks 8

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