Hama Beads Crafting and Giveaway!

K and I first picked up Fuse Beads crafting in June this year when I was planning for some indoor activities to keep him busy during our bi-annual visits to Manila.

Manilawithdad 7

What are fuse beads?

Fuse beads are soft, plastic beads that can be arranged on pegged boards to form various designs. The pegged boards keep the beads upright and allows the crafter to arrange patterns using a varied range of colors, and they can be fused together (using a hot iron and baking paper) to bind the design permanently. The beads expands and melt together under the heat, binding the beads together.

After being left to cool for a while, the final fuse bead craft can be used as a table/shelf/wall decoration, made into a key rings, gift wrapping decoration or coasters.

Hamabeads 3

There are 2 brands of fuse beads available in Singapore, namely Hama and Perler. Both brands have beads in different sizes, which cater to the developmental needs of children for different ages.

I am more familiar with the Hama branding as I have been purchasing this brand for K and myself from the local retail shops in Singapore.

These are the sizes that are available from Hama beads;

Maxi beads – largest sized beads in the range measured at 10mm in diameter designed for the nursery aged child, 3-4 years old

Midi beads – medium sized beads at 5mm in diameter for the pre-school aged child, 4 years old and above (photo above shows Midi beads on the left).

Mini beads – smallest sized beads at 2.5mm in diameter for age 10 and above, and including adults (photo above shows Mini beads on the right).

Hamabeads 2Mini Hama Beads (left) and Midi Hama Beads (right)

Not Just for Kids Only!

K started out with Midi beads, but now he creates designs with Mini beads.

Hamabeads 1

For children above 7 and below 10 years old, mini beads can get rather challenging due to the tiny size of the beads, but with patience and a tweezer, it is possible for them to make their fuse beads creations with the mini sized beads.

See the photo below between the scale difference from a Midi Size (left) to Mini sized Hama beads.

Hamabeads 4

Fuse beads are not just limited for children. Apart from purchasing sets available from the shops in either Maxi or Midi beads sizes. You can buy multicolored beads and find plenty of ideas for making ’Fuse Beads‘ designs on Pinterest.

I have found that mini beads are the best size to be used for making key rings, gift wrapping deco, embellishments for stationery (notebooks) and coasters.

Hamabeads 5

Hamabeads 6 

Where to purchase Fuse Beads :

Hama Beads Online Store   Perler Beads   Growing Fun


To get you and your child started on crafting Fuse Beads, I will be giving away two sets of Midi Hama Beads for children from 4 – 8 years old, 1 set for each giveaway winner.

To participate in this giveaway, just leave a comment with this post with your name, email address and gender and age. Giveaway closes on 31 December 2014.

Hamabeads 7

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All you need is less

The past week I came across this article that provided some fodder for thought.

Two and a half years ago, I was forced to give up most of the things in my home, which felt like a big part of my flesh has been cut. But it turned out to an extremely effective way to clear the clutter and to kill my hoarding habits.

If I wasn’t forced to downsized my living environment, I would have stayed a hoarder (especially for clothes, crafting and home-learning materials and kitchen items). Hoarding1

Hoarding is a common trait, especially so for females! It is an accepted trait and not considered a problem, until your home looks like a home featured in one of the episodes of ‘Hoarding – Buried Alive’ from the TLC channel. Besides, most of us will think that hoarding isn’t a problem since we still have some space at home to store stuff.

Screen Shot 2014 11 28 at 5 47 52 PMEven a Disney Princess thinks hoarding is neat,

Look at this stuff, Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, The girl who has everything? …But who cares? No big deal, I want more!

I had so many logical reasons to justify my hoarding habits, reasons like ‘I can’t bear to throw it’, ‘this item can be used for some other uses’, ‘or buy more now since it seems more economical, as I will eventually use it’.

In reality, I have never use those things that I hoarded for many years.

Hoarding used to be linked to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) based disorder. But research have shed further insight to Hoarding to be linked to depression, a need for comfort due to fears and anxiety, insecurity and even attention deficit disorder.

So Hoarding is an issue that is linked to the heart? Sounds like this condition may be a result of the vacuums existing in a heart that need stuff, lots of stuff, to temporary fill.


Hoarders6Hoarding Infographic extracted from here

Need help to deal with hoarding tendencies?

Here are 10 questions to help you with decluttering, and hopefully restrict the tendencies to buy in bulk.

And if you ever get tempted to buy more to hoard, join Pinterest, it is digital hoarding the healthier way without taking up extra space at home.

Anti hoarding

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He was lying down on his hospital bed, looking frail and despondent. The doctor told his wife that there was really nothing much they can do now after removing the tumor, chemotherapy wasn’t a solution either since his frail health could not take the beating.

As I entered into the hospital ward, I greeted my Indonesian friend, who has been my prayer partner for the sick each time she comes to Singapore.

This is the 3rd Cancer sufferer we have prayed for in 1.5 months, and the 5th one for me since I have started praying for the sick, and he is the 3rd one whose cancer has either shrunk substantially or disappeared after intercessory prayers, and is on his way to recovery.

The Cancer story is a familiar one, most of us have knew someone personally who have suffered from it;

The person has cancer in a specific area in their body. There is surgery, weeks and weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. During treatment, the cancer shrinks and disappears.

Then after some time, and after experiencing some pain and tests, the person find out that the cancer has returned. But this time it is in their liver, their lungs, their blood etc. They go through more rounds of chemo and radiation, but the cancer cannot be stopped. Eventually a difficult battle over a course of few months – few years, they die.

Why do we get cancer patients? There are national statistics to show that Cancer is the no.1 killer in Singapore, where 14 people on an average die from cancer everyday.

Chemotherapy kills more than just cancer, as most of the time, the patient is left in a vunerable state with a compromised immune system, with little defences left to prevent any other cancer cells from reproducing.

So amongst the cancer sufferers that I have been called to pray for, more than half of them turn to prayer when there is no other choice, i.e., medical alternatives.


Praying for the Sick

I have a prayer partner locally whom I meet weekly for our prayer meetings and part of the mandate we have been given in our intercessory prayer ministry, is to lay hands and pray for the sick and burdened.

This have worked out to an average of one sick person to pray for a week, since God opened the doors for me to pray for the sick.

Late this year from September, I took on this new thing that God has been challenging me to do since May. I know fully well that I am just a vessel, and I am glad to surrender myself to be a conduit that He can use.

All I did really, was to avail myself to pray.

Screen Shot 2014 11 26 at 4 48 49 PM

I am aware that there are many who do not believe in the power of God’s healing, some are even skeptical when they see the lame walk and the blind see in church services.

God still heals today.

But in the sea of conflicting voices on the issue of healing, there are many, even church leaders and teachers do not fully believe in healing for today.

Well, all I can say to this is, it is only when you have laid hands on prayed for a sick person and have witnessed the person fully healed from their illnesses, you will know that God is our healer, our Jehovah Rapha.

Rapha in Hebrew means ‘He (God) has healed’.


A Ministry?

One doesn’t need to be tied to a church to do able to do a ministry, or have to be a leader in a church to be able to do this.

The Pastors of the church that I am now attending are fully aware and supportive of what I do, and keeping them informed of this independent ministry provides me with accountability.

Ministry is

Kyle tags along for these hospital visits from time to time, and I feel there is nothing wrong with him meeting frail and sick strangers, and learning how to pray for them.

I don’t just pray for comfort for the person, I pray for the person to be fully healed in Jesus’ name.

Praying ‘in remote’ for healing is effective, but a more effective way is to be able to minister and to lay hands on the sick to pray for God’s healing. Sometimes all it takes is just one prayer, while other times, it takes more than one session of prayer.

I have found that some individuals have illnesses that can be likened metaphorically to onions :), as the ‘layers of infirmities need to be peeled off ‘ through more intercessory prayers.

Sounds radical?

If you have met me 2 months ago before I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (at home, with my mom as a witness, and not in a church btw), I would not even consider doing this. As it does take a certain kind of boldness to go and pray for strangers. I have learnt not be bothered with what people think of me, but be fully focused on what God thinks and what He wills for me to do.


So be it Cancer, any illness or ailment. As long as there is an open door for me, I will go to lay hands on the person and pray.


The Kingdom of God 

Do I think of myself as some sort of healer? Definitely not. If you understand why Christians pray for the sick and how they are healed by God.

My belief and acceptance by faith of the work of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, is just the first step of being a Christian. As Christians develop our spiritual walk with God, we are to take on this mandate to do the works of Christ. Which are to do the same things that He did while He was here on earth.

Which is to; minister the good news of Christ, and the power of Christ (the Holy Spirit in us) works through Christians who are fully surrender to God, to heal the sick, cast out demons (yes, I have done that too…smirk all you want :P) and even raise the dead (nope, haven’t tried yet).

Screen Shot 2014 11 26 at 5 46 55 PM

‘…the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.’ – Matthew 10:7-8 NKJV


When Christians abide closely in Christ and step out and do what God has called us to do, the signs and wonders of Christ will begin to follow us.

So if anyone asks what I have been busy with lately, I would say that I am busy about my (Heavenly) Father’s business, being somewhat like an ‘Ambassor of Christ’, to bring reconciliation with this ministry of prayer and healing.

And yes, God works with the limitations I have as an ordinary mom of one. All I did was to avail myself.

My limitations have never been a factor to consider with God. As with my limits, He is able to show Himself strong, to be limitless.

Screen Shot 2014 11 26 at 9 26 45 PM



There are other ‘Ambassadors of Christ’ who are functioning in this ministry of healing, through this organization known as the Healing Rooms. A friend whom I exchange notes regularly serves with this ministry.

A good advice coming from this ‘veteran pray-er’ for healing and miracles, is that, to never stop laying hands and praying for God to heal, even if the person dies after praying for them (this can sometimes happen due to God’s sovereignty). As this ministry has never been about our abilities as ‘pray-ers’.

Screen Shot 2014 11 26 at 5 54 34 PM

I am not part of the Healing Rooms ministry, as my family commitments at this point do not allow me to be serving at these Healing Rooms in the afternoons and evenings.

Nonetheless, I feel privileged to be sent whenever God opens the doors for me to pray for others.

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