10 Daiso Craft Materials

The US and the UK has their Dollar Stores, while Asia has its $2 version with its Daiso Stores.

Most Singaporeans love all things Japanese, from food (I am Japanese food fan myself!) to their culture. So naturally, products that are branded in Japan (although many are made in China) will be largely popular with Singaporeans.

I think the Japanese are ingenious with their ideas for craft, so to find a store where craft materials are found easily and cheaply is a thrill for any crafter.

Here’s sharing 10 of my Daiso buys for craft:

1. Felt Craft Daiso 8

I have used the felt from Daiso for some of my felt craft projects. As Daiso felt is made of polyester, it is washable and good for making of felt ornaments. But not recommended for the making of toys, softies and craft projects, that one intents to keep or requires more handling.

Daisy felt is best used for children’s craft, hair ties or clips. hanging mobiles, ornaments, brooches or small felt mascots.

Here are some Felt Craft tutorials, where Daiso Felt can be used;

Felt Projects(L to R) Craft Tutorials can be found in link; Felt Air Balloon Mobile, Felt Birds and Leaves Hanging Ornaments

2. Origami Paper

Craft Daiso 3

I use Daiso Origami paper for making Kirigami and occasionally Origami creations like these;

Craft Daiso 21

Kirigami and Origami can be used for gift wrapping and many other decorative purposes (Washi tape, wooden pegs and Kraft Paper Bag pictured below are all from Daiso).

Craft Daiso 20(L to R) Craft Tutorials can be found in link; Bear Kirigami and Ribbon Origami, Rabbit Kirigami Gift Card and Washi-fied Gift bag and Wooden peg

4. Cutting Mat and Precision Knife

Craft Daiso 27

They are a must-have when making Kirigami or cutting paper.

4. Construction Paper Craft Daiso 2

I have just discovered these coloured papers in Daiso a couple of months ago. I found the texture of the paper and range of colours available adequate for paper-flowers making. These papers are also sold in A4 size in a single colour in a pack.

Craft Daiso 11

Daiso coloured paper are good for card creations like these;

Craft Daiso 29Top to Bottom Craft Tutorials at link; Nothing Like a Mother’s Love Card, Papa Bear Father’s Card

5. Colour boards in Styrofoam or Cork Material Craft Daiso 5

I get them in white to mount the boy’s and my paintings to create a faux canvas base, and skip the picture frames, so that they can be easily pasted on the walls with blu-tack or mounting strips.

No one should put original ‘art’ in frames, unless they are reproduction prints bought from IKEA 😛

Cork can also be used in many DIY Homeware or Decor ideas. Just add your own designs with markers or paint.

6. Wooden Blocks in various sizes or Wooden Sticks and Sandpaper Craft Daiso 7

The wooden blocks are available in small square, rectangular shapes etc. These blocks that can be drawn, painted on, or pasted together to form a letter holder like this, with glued-on Hama Beads;

Screen Shot 2015 10 03 at 12 42 27 pm

While Sandpaper is a must have to prep the wood before it is ready to be painted on.

7. Pill Cases Craft Daiso 15

Extremely useful to segregrate Hama Beads into specific shades.

What is Hama Beads Crafting? Read more about it in this post. While the tweezer in pictured below is also from Daiso.

Craft Daiso 17

8. Shrinky Plastic and Tracing Paper Craft Daiso 4

There are at least 3 different types of Shrinky Plastic that are sold in Daiso. Pictured below are the clear and the opaque ones. There are the Neon ones available in some of the Daiso stores.

I have tried the opaque ones that come with a keyring in the pack and found them to be good enough for making keychains and fridge magnets.

Craft Daiso 6

9. Magnetic Tape

Craft Daiso 23

Useful for making your own magnets from Shrinky Plastic, or magnetic wooden pegs.

10. Wooden Pegs

Craft Daiso 26

Apart from its basic use for hanging laundry on a drying rack, wooden pegs have numerous uses in craft. Just stick on washi tape :)

I have been using the small wooden pegs for winding my embroidery thread (like a thread spool), while the small scissors and sewing pins pictured below are also from Daiso.

Craft Daiso 16

I spend more time in the craft aisle in Daiso than all the other aisles combined, as I am always looking for the next item that I can use to craft something new.


There are a few things that I have bought from the craft aisle that I would not buy again, namely, play dough, soft clay, embroidery floss (thread), paint and brushes. Since it is $2, can expect that these things are not of very good quality.

The play dough and soft clay is really hard to manage without making a huge mess. Even after lining the table / floor with newspapers, the stray bits of dough or clay tends to stick on the floors and tables. Only recommended for moms who have no issues spending some extra time to clean up after their child after play.

While DMC is always my choice for embroidery floss, even when sewing on Daiso Felt. The quality of thread does make a difference to the one who is sewing and to the final product.

As for the Daiso paint and brushes, they are apt for children doing exploratory art, but not when the child or adult is starting to get more serious about taking up painting as a hobby. The paint pigments tend to be inconsistent and brushes often split at the ends after the first few washes.

For better quality art and craft supplies, and if you are willing to spend more than $2 per item, try Artfriend and Spotlight.

So what are the craft materials that you have used from Daiso?


For more on Daiso 101, 

Next on the 101 Daiso Blog train will be Winnie of ToddlyMummy.

Winnie Toddly Mummy

At her blog,  http://toddlymummy.blogspot.com Winnie shares her thoughts on parenting, fun learning moments of home learning sessions and outdoor adventures. She reviews books and other kids’ stuff. She sometimes shares about her favourite food too, along with the occasional side orders of stuff that she finds useful as a busy mum.


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Friendship #InHisLoveMail

We had something in common, it was a second job for the both of us after University. After having moved from various media agencies, this was our first foray into the client’s business, doing marketing in a consumer goods MNC.

We were wide eye and enthusiastic, and I first met K about 6 months into the job. I was in Corporate Marketing, while she was in Trade Marketing. What bonded us together was that we were both in the less glamorous marketing jobs in the company, since Brand Marketing were highly coverted roles. Besides, she was seated diagonally across to where I was seated, so naturally she became my lunch partner.

I initially thought she was too prissy at times, but we clicked nonetheless. We saw each other through various changes in that company, after a year, I joined her in the trade marketing team, and we eventually move to Brand Marketing with separate portfolios.

I left the company to do brand marketing for a beauty company, while K stayed another 2 years in the company. Despite not being colleagues anymore, we met each other for dinner then drinks weekly, as it always seem that we had so much to chat about.

She was a ’sister’ at my wedding and when she got married, I was also her ‘sister’ despite already married.

Our weekly meetings slowly fizzled out over time. It became once a month, then once a quarter, then barely twice a year. In fact the last 2 years, I met up with her twice. It has been tough to find some time on weekday nights to wrangle myself away from my responsibilities at home.

So when I embarked on #InHisLoveMAIL project this year, I thought that she should be one of my personal friends, who will be the recipient of my first snail mail package.


Why Snail Mail?

Simply because I think it is one of the most meaningful ways to show love and care to a friend. It is a very good excuse for me to pull together my love for crafting, through sewing and paper-craft. Then personalise these items, together with a hand-written letter in a cute little package.

Most people love receiving letters and cards though mail. I do! I used to love receiving snail mail from my pen-pal in my teenage years, and really looked forward to receiving mail from my sister when I was studying in Australia.

It may be an old-fashioned way of communicating in this ‘technological age’, but there is so much love that is bundled up into an envelope for the recipient, even if it may be just a simple card or just a few sheets of hand-written letters.

IMG 0081

How does #InHisLoveMAIL ties in with #InHisLoveFund?

To date, about $350.00 have been raised for the fund. This $350.00 will be converted to 7 sets of $50 Supermarket vouchers that will be placed in each #InHisLoveMAIL mail package. The package will consist of hand-made items, some stationery items and a personalised letter.

This snail mail package was personalised for my friend K, who loves bunnies, giraffes and is fond of cute concepts and sweet flower motifs.

IMG 0087

My good friend Pauline, who is another avid crafter, will be working with me to personalise 7 sets of #InHisLoveMAIL packages this year. So the items in each package will vary according to our inspiration for that month. In other words, our ‘crafting and encouragement services’ 😛 are available for any readers who want to encourage or bring joy to a friend through a #InHisLoveMAIL package.

We will create the items, write the letter, throw in a $50 Supermarket voucher with each package, and then mail the package directly to the recipient fully at our cost.

There are 7 sets available, 1 will be prepared for each month.

So do comment on this post and share with me, why you hope to send a #InHisLoveMAIL package to your friend, and I will do a random pick. This could be a friend whom you haven’t met for some time, or she may be going through some challenges in her life, and will need some encouragement. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

Your friend’s name do not need to be shared in the blog comment, as confidential information will only be needed if you are selected. If you are selected, do provide more details about your friend and her design preferences, as the #InHisLoveMAIL package will be personalised according to the concepts that she will like.

IMG 0091

If we do not get any ‘nominees’, Pauline and I already have quite a few people in mind whom we want to send these packages to :)

So do join us, and participate in nominating a friend and let us work together to spread some love, hope and encouragement through #InHisLoveMail this year!

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The Felt Book for Math – #InHisLoveFund

If you have read this blog for a while, you can guess that I have a thing for felt :)

This is something that I designed, and was hand-made by my ex-helper (QC done by me), which will be up for sale. All proceeds of the sale of this item will go into the #InHisLoveFund, details of this initiative is shared in this post.


The Felt Book for Math (9 sets available)

Front Cover;  The Felt Math Book 10

It comes with both the detachable birdie purse and the goldfish purse.

The Felt Math Book 9

The purse has press buttons, and velcro at the back.

The Felt Math Book 20

This Felt Book for Math has a total of 72 handmade pieces of felt numbers, felt sweets, felt flowers and leaves, all sewn with a velcro at the back of each piece.

The Felt Math Book 21   So how do you use this 72 pieces with the Felt Book?

Page 2 and 3 of The Felt Book for Math;

1) The Pattern Game 

Patterning is a basic and foundational math skill which many mathematical concepts are based. Addition, skip counting, times tables all require an understanding and proficiency in patterning.

The Felt Math Book 13

Here is an ABAB pattern that you child can learn.

How to teach;

Demonstrate First – “We are going to play a pattern game today! Watch this. Blue sweet, pink sweet, then blue sweet, and pink sweet. Do you know what comes next? Blue sweet and pink sweet!”

Repeat the pattern verbally, and point out the pattern to the child – “Blue sweet, pink sweet, blue sweet, pink sweet, blue sweet, pink sweet”

The Felt Math Book 14

Here’s another variation of pattern;

ABC, ABC, ABC; Yellow Sweet, Blue Sweet, Pink Sweet, Yellow Sweet, Blue Sweet, Pink Sweet, Yellow Sweet, Blue Sweet, Pink Sweet.

As there are 15 sweets in the set, with 3 of each color, yellow, red, pink, blue, green, there are different variations of patterns that you can teach your child.


2) The Number Operations Game

Rearranging the numbers to show 1-15 in a row, going through the numbers with the child. Then start taking away some of the numbers, place them in a pile on the side, and then get your child to pick the right numbers to put them in the blank spaces.


3) Number Bonding and Addition and Subtraction Game 

Start with using the words ‘add on’ and ‘take away’ before introducing the mathematical symbols of ‘+’, ‘-‘ and ‘=’.

Use the sweets, flowers and leaves to help your child to think creatively about numbers. Show the child a group of the felt pieces and ask him/her “How many ways can we make 6?’ and, come up with a combination of different things to come up with 2 and 4, 3 and 3, 1 and 5 and 6 and 0. You can use the felt pieces to teach number bonding.

Once the child can think conceptually the concepts of addition and taking away, that’s when the mathematical symbols of addition and subtraction can be taught, while at the same time using the felt pieces to allow the child to count something physically.

The Felt Math Book 15 The Felt Math Book 18


Page 4 and 5 of The Felt Book;

4) Counting Activity and Number Correspondence

Place a number next to the flower or the leaf, and have the child place the number of flowers and leaves on the plant according.

The Felt Math Book 22

5) Spatial Concepts

You can teach spatial concepts like Right, Left, top, bottom, in between.

Demonstrate first – “Shall we put one pink flower on the left branch, and another pink flower on the right branch? Then let’s put a white flower below the pink flower. How about another pink flower below the white flower? Shall we put a leaf between the top and bottom pink flowers?”

Once the child has a concept of what is Right, Left, top, bottom, in between. You can start a new game by giving directions to your child.


Page 6 and 7 of The Felt Book; 

6) Pretend Play and Picture Stories

Your child can use the Goldfish and Birdie purse, use the numbers as coins to do pretend play to buy sweets, flowers, plants.

Or he/she can create picture stories on the felt book with the various pieces that are detachable and arranged as he/she likes it.

The Felt Math Book 19


Each set of The Felt Book for Math comes with 72 detachable pieces; 19 green numbers, 19 blue numbers, including the +, – and = signs.  15 sweets in yellow, red, blue, pink and green, 8 leaves, 9 flowers and with both the goldfish and birdie purses.

The Felt Book for Math costs $39.00, including registered mail. All proceeds of this handmade item will go into the #InHisLoveFund. 

Drop me a mail at inhislovemail@gmail.com to purchase The Felt Book for Math. 



Update 6 January 3.15pm – All 9 sets of The Felt Book have been reserved.

Do drop me a mail to leave me your name and email contact if you are interested to purchase this, and I will keep you updated if anyone gives up their reservation for the item – Thanks!

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