‘Catch FortyWinks’ is a depiction of a rambling mother and a neurotic wife. Like the name suggests, this space is where Rachel takes a breather from the daily grind, chronicles her journey through life as a parent and share stuff that makes her tick.

She is also a dreamer, a reformed clothes-horse, an ex crafter, a wannabe photographer and a doodler. 

Apparently Google told me that my About Me page has to be in the third person. But I don’t enjoy referring to myself in third person so let’s start over.

Hi there! I am Rachel.

So, about me and this blog. I started Catch FortyWinks in 2007, when I was 7 months into my role as a mom to my little boy K. There is something about bringing up a little person that makes me more honest and introspective, so do be prepared for some navel gazing posts on this blog.

I love being a mom so much so that motherhood was used as the excuse to call it quits from my Regional Marketing job in mid 2008. Right after leaving the corporate rat race, I got myself trained in Early Childhood Education, spent some time in preschool teaching and house-wivery.

The simple life got too boring for this former go-getter, so I co-founded a very fine and informative sitemyplayschool.net in 2010 for moms and doubled as chief editor. The site is now defunct, but we have hundreds of useful articles there to teach moms to do home-learning with their pre-schoolers. I don’t train moms or teach preschoolers anymore, however I still retain the passion to develop new ways for Kyle to learn at home. 

Fast forward 2 years after.

I founded Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) a community on Facebook in Mar 2012, apart from being a community manager for SMB, chief editor for www.catch-fortywinks.com, I run a social media brand management company to help brands connect with moms.

If you would like to contact me, drop me a note, I usually respond to emails quickly. If I don’t, I could be that I have been bowled over by your kindness in your email, or that you have asked me to market something that I have little affinity for.

If you are a PR company with a pitch for Catch FortyWinks –

I used to work with you in my previous life as a marketing rat in the rat-race, so I know what you are thinking. So if you are a PR company with a pitch, do make it spectacular. Drop me a note here.

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