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Green fingers maybe?

“Is there fountain?” was the question that Kyle continually asked me in the car when we were on the way to the plant nursery. He absolutely loves water fountains and waterfalls, and often asks if he will be able to see one whenever we go for our nature outings.

This morning’s field trip to the plant nursery tied in with our lesson plan for ‘The Carrot Seed’. I told him yesterday that we will go to the nursery to buy some flower pots, soil and seeds to plant our first vegetable, just like the little boy in the book.


K saw a cactus and he was so intrigued by the thorns on the plant.


While we were walking around the nursery, I was so tempted to get more plants for the home but realised that I have never tried growing my own plants (unless mung beans can be qualified as a plant), and these plants could likely die in my hands.

He climbed into a garden swing by himself.


We finally got what we needed and went home to plant our first spring onion plant.


Looking forward to see the seeds germinate in the next one week. Now when I ask K, “What does the plant need to grow?” He can tell me, “Soil, water, sun and air.”

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Annual Christmas do

The Christmas season will not be complete without a get-together with friends. This is the second year that I have my friends over my place, and this year, I decided to make my own Christmas presents. box3In an attempt to make more cupcakes from the first recipe, I added less batter in some of the cupcake liners and ended up with 3/4 size of a cupcake. The result was less than satisfactory, however it was still rather satisfying to roll the coloured fondant and decorating the cupcakes with it.

As for the menu for the evening : Bulgogi beef, kimchi and Shabu shabu beef with lots of mushrooms. Little preparation that I had to do before hand; thanks to dad who shared his recipe with me (he is always excellent at sniffing out ways to create easy and tasty creations). We were so stuffed trying to finish the food that I ended up not bringing out the brownie and fruits that Linda brought for dessert.

Some shots taken:

K really appreciated having Alex’s company. He stroked and pinched her cheek (quite gently I think, since Alex did not complain) a couple of times, and I was pleasantly surprised that he had little qualms in sharing his toys.box1

Kris and Andrew were being entertained by the kiddos, while Linda joined in and played with them. box4K requested for his good old refrigerator cardboard house to set up. There were lots of excited squeals and laughter from Alex and K towards the end of the evening. box5

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Christmas with the family

Christmas has always been a really special time of the year for the family. xmas1 We get to spend time with one another,



Share, chat and enjoy a feast. xmas4

Simply appreciating time together with the family. Having fun,


giving and caring,


a celebration for the heart.


Christmas is not wonderful because of the pleasant surprises…


Every Christmas song, every lit candle, every wrapped gift reminds me that this is the season of my Saviour’s birth.

“‘They shall call His name Immanuel,’ translated as, ‘God with us.’” (Matthew 1:23)


Here’s wishing all friends a Blessed Christmas!

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