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What have you read today?

umbrellaWe read the story Umbrella by Taro Yashima and he was all gamed to imitate the little girl in the book. All decked up in his sunny yellow umbrella and his pair of ugg boots that doubled up as ‘rain boots’.

K and I hardly goes through a day without reading at least a book. I love the mother and child bonding opportunities that reading gives, as well as the world of imagination and sea of vocabulary that reading opens him up to. There will be plenty of whys, hows, and what does this word means, but I am more than glad to answer those queries as I know he is learning.

Reading is often a moment of enlightening discovery for children. It engages them and draw their interest into the realities of life. So have you read a good book to your little one today?

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Look and feel the difference

The tech dummy in me used to worry that one day, the Blogger servers will suddenly die and my 2+ years of entries will just disappear down the internet wormhole (that was before I discovered that I could do backups of my entire website, including the pictures).

This irrational fear is still one of the key motivators for me to migrate my old blogspot site to this new one. Also, the feeling of having a domain of my own didn’t seem all that bad either. So I overcome all odds; my ignorance of web hosting, FTPs, customisation of template (with limited CSS knowledge), spent a couple of days finding out how to manage this online and finally came up with this new site. Also having successfully worked on another site (which will be revealed soon), I was feeling quite confident to do this revamp of my personal blog.

After spending about 3 days mucking around with my new domain in WordPress. I declare that WordPress is far more superior to Blogger. I cleared up all the confusion I was experiencing with and, and settled on the latter for more flexibity and expandability.

Now, I can even offer ‘consultation’ for anyone who have any plans to have their own domain and migrate their blogs. So who needs help for a more organised blog site?

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The pacifier

I have been hearing alot of K’s whining and screaming lately.

Before leaving the house this morning, I got really impatient with him in the morning when he whined for the helper to help him put on his sandals.

Mom  :   You got to stop your nonsense right now. Wear your shoes yourself and stop whining, or I will leave without you.

K        :    Mummy, wait for me. Don’t leave first (He scrambled to put on his sandals himself).

Just when we were leaving the house…

K       :    Mummy, don’t be angry. (He looked at me intently, then flashed a bright toothy grin).

Sigh…and I was totally swayed by my son’s attempts to pacify me.

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