Experiment No.1 : How to not complain for 14 days

This experiment is to see how long I am able to go without any complaint, negativity or criticisms on someone else. The target is 14 days, that is 2 whole weeks of no whining, griping or non-constructive criticisms of any kind.


14 days without a complaint can be quite a long time for an accomplished complainer like me, so I will share the experiment logs on separate posts to track how long I will take before I can successfully complete 14 days without a single complaint.

Here is the method I will use –

1. I usually wear my wedding ring on my left finger (you can use other items like a bracelet or a rubber band worn on either hand)

2. So each time when I complain, I have to switch my wedding ring to the right finger. And then start all over again at Day 1.

3. If I successfully end a day without a complain, I can go on to Day 2, then Day 3. And so on.

4. However, reprimanding Kyle for bad behaviour, or sharing about his misbehaviour with hb, does not constitute a complaint. As life still needs to go as a parent of a 5 year old.

5. The target is 14 days. I really wonder how many days I will take before I can successfully have 14 days of no complaints!


Experiment log –

Thursday, 15th March 2011

This is the first day of the experiment and it started off really well as Kyle and I was on my way to meet a friend and her child for lunch and a playdate. We got on the PIE and traffic was smooth, until I changed lane and had to follow behind another car. The complaint came in the form of, "Come on, don‘t stay on the 3rd lane if you are so slow! You are road hogging!"


Friday, 16th March 2011

Back to Day 1 of the experiment. Was again driving to meet a friend for lunch, again I failed terribly. There was a traffic congested on PIE and hardly anyone on the 1st lane wanted to give way to my vehicle when I tried filtering onto the expressway. I got frustrated and muttered, "Please! Will it kill you to just give way to me, Singaporean drivers are so selfish!"

I really should not drive when I am running this experiment.


Saturday, 17th March 2011

Day 1 again. Its Kyle‘s birthday and we were preparing to go out for lunch and watch the movie The Lorax. When I was all ready to go, hb looked at what I was wearing and started making a comment on the print of my blouse. As his comment bugged me, I decided to change. But I was silently griping about what bad taste in clothing hb has and his choice in his own clothing.

Oh boy, this is becoming challenging, I need to watch my thoughts as well…silent gripes are also complaints.

Will have to start all over again this morning for Sunday 18th March. I really need to be on alert in regards my attitude and watch my mouth during this experiment. I will be putting up experiment logs as I continue this experiment.

If you would like to join me to do this experiment, do drop me a comment here. It will be nice to have companions for this experiment. 

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  1. This is a great experiment! I doubt I could last 14 days though… And how do you actually remember that you whined/complained? These thoughts usually come and go so fast! I’ll give it a try… but I think with a child such as mine… I’ll be stuck at Day 1 for a whole year. 😛
    Ming´s last blog post ..Her craft from school

    Rachel Reply:

    Each time I whine or complain, I will key it into my smart phone. So at the end of the day I will reflect what cause my response and then evaluate how I can do better the next day. So far I have successfully ended a day yest without any complains 😉

  2. This is such a great idea. I’m going to try it someday, but I bet I’ll still be at day 1 a month later. Good luck! :)
    Eemelia´s last blog post ..Terminally ill

    Rachel Reply:

    It is tough to maintain and there is so much to complain daily. But I am starting to focus on the existing blessings which I have and it helps to stop the complaints coming.

  3. I should try this myself! Helps to keep one more positive and thankful about life! You don’t give up… I believe it’ll get better! :)

    Rachel Reply:

    Yes its true. Being thankful instead of cynical about life really helps.

  4. Great idea but I don’t know if I can hold my tongue and commit to it. Just today, I was complaining about the speaker who was at the pulpit. I ought to repent…
    Susan´s last blog post ..Sleep Training – Restarting from ground zero

    Rachel Reply:

    I experienced the same thing on Sunday, I complained about the worship leaders who were mumbling behind the microphone. I think its really the mindset, really need to understand the cause of why things happen the way the do and it will help to stop the complaints coming.

  5. I think I need to start one on 14 days of being patient with the little ones. :(
    Homeschool@sg´s last blog post ..Asia Continent

    Rachel Reply:

    Thats a tough call haha, esp when u have two little ones to manage.

  6. Wah!! I *know* I wouldn’t be able to do it. I complain to let off steam… so I’ll be a walking time bomb ready to explode by the first half of the first day!

    I support your attempt, though. I’ll be cheering you on – I’m sure it will be very fulfilling to be able to achieve this!

    Rachel Reply:

    So far it has been really challenging, but it helps to realise the root of the complaints

  7. Even silent gripes count? That’s too hard!! Oops, I should be encouraging right……
    Elaine´s last blog post ..Online shopping

    Rachel Reply:

    Yes..its hard. But I have learnt to shut my mind up when I realise a complaint rising..haha

  8. You don’t look like a girl who complain a lot. And seriously driving doesn’t count!
    pc´s last blog post ..Pack Food for Recess

    Rachel Reply:

    Can u tell? Haha…I dont have a complaint face 😉 Trying not to complaint while driving is super hard!