Escaping the mass

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Only three shelves of books will be kept from this book shelf.


Img 6304052912

Some vintage porcelain plates and cups in these drawers, and this white water jug will be given back to my mom.


Img 6297052912

This sofa and coffee table has served us for a good 10 years, and I hope that it will be of good use for another family.


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This wooden divider and the shoe cabinets will be given away.


Img 6308052912

A sturdy dining set which has served us so well the last 10 years, which I am sure will be really useful for a family.

I think by now, you might have realized that this is not a home decor, or a show and tell post on how my home looks like. If you are really curious, you can check out this post on the different areas in the house

We have given away half my wardrobe of clothes, hb’s clothes to thrift shop to Salvation Army. Most of K’s toys were given to a Malay family that my parents are helping with for their church’s social concern’s ministry, and we are only keeping a couple of his favorite toys. We will be giving away K’s bed, my bed and whatever furniture that is left in the house to an organization, who will collect used furniture or appliances and gift them to less fortunate Malay families.

We are moving away from this temporary home, and this time, we have decided to move in to a room in my mom’s house, so as to reduce household expenses. I will not have a helper anymore either, as we cannot afford to pay for domestic help.

The decision to do this has been very painful, and the process is very difficult, but hb and I both know that this is necessary.

Maybe some of you may be thinking, “This must be a huge loss…”

Initially it was, and I was in tears for the first few days when we came to this decision, and I have not quite snapped out of my irritable mood the last few days.

It has been a very difficult process to have to separate all my stuff into piles of ‘things to give away,’ and ‘things that we can bring along with us to the new room’. Do I not hope that I will have our own home again? The truth is, I don’t really think so far ahead, as I get great support living with my mom and dad.

All I know is, my God will provide according to His perfect time.

After settling into our new room in my mom’s house the last two days, I realized that this is actually the most free-ing thing that I have ever done.

Why I am feeling unshackled rather than empty at the state I am in?

Here are some quotes from a book that I have found so apt for my situation at this moment, a book known as The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn;

‘It’s a matter of basic physics. The greater the mass, the greater the hold that mass exerts. The more things we own – the greater their total mass the more they grip us, setting us in orbit around them. Finally, like a black hole, they suck us in.’

More stuff, means more mass.

Now I have that chance to defy the hold that this mass has on me. The less mass, the less its gravitational pull, and the easier it is to escape.

Am I ready? I think I am. After all, I have moved ahead with 95% less baggage than what we used to have.


‘…we’re pilgrims, strangers, aliens on earth (Hebrews 11:13)…”Our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20). We’re citizens of “a better country – a heavenly one” (Hebrews 11:16). Where we choose to store our treasures depends largely on where we think our home is (Matthew 6 :21)’   – Randy Alcorn


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  1. *hugs*

    We bunk in with mum, too :) at least until we get things in order.

    Sometimes I think we’re just too comfortable right now without having to worry about the extras to pay. I would love to have a house of our own in the future, but I’ll wait for the opportunity as it presents itself.

    He will provide in His perfect time.

    Smile, Rach… I always do.
    Regina´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: 17mths old today!

  2. *hugs* There are good times and bad times. Bad times do not last. :) Whatever it is you’re going through, just know that there is always sunshine after the rain.
    Adeline´s last blog post ..What’s a polymer clay cane?

  3. Yes, I can imagine it’d be a lot less stressful now that you don’t have to support the house rental and the helper. Enjoy the time staying with your parents again; and I’m sure Kyle will enjoy having his grandparents around all the time too. This is our “Worst Case Scenario” plan too – to stay with my parents if touchwood anything happens.
    Pamela Tan´s last blog post ..A robot we made 2 years ago

  4. Hugs Rachel! Thank you for sharing something so intimate about your family here. As I read your sharing, I could feel the struggle and pain you had to battle. But I am encouraged too by your focus on our Lord Jesus. Indeed He is able, and will, do exceedingly and abundantly for you and your family, above all you can ask for or imagine. As you continue yielding yourself to Him, I know that He will more than provide for you all. For you and your family are the apples of His eyes. I am praying for you. That this is the beginning of an extraordinary journey and a financial breakthrough be yours this very year.
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Artventure to the Art Garden @ SAM 8Q: Your Home Exploration Activity Pack

  5. To lessen the load so as to walk a longer n more meaningful road.
    Where ever the road leads you, i’m sure you’ll find it fulfilling with fresh new experience.

  6. I dont have my own house too and am also waiting for God to provide. For whatever reasons that you have to move out, I’m sure God has a greater plan for you. Take care Rachel!

    P.S. My mum in law has a chinese style sofa set to give away too. Can let me know which organisation will take it in? Thanks!
    Madeline´s last blog post ..We Might Have Found the QQ of Strollers

  7. Hey Rachel. Thanks for sharing. I understand the pain and struggle you are, in a slightly different way. When my father’s business suffered 10 yrs ago, he had to make the painful decision to downgrade us from a landed house we had stayed for 5 yrs to a flat. And imagine the mountain of stuff we had to throw or giveaway. It was a difficult move for us, but we got through it. Important thing is, we are together as a family. Now with my own family, we might be facing another hurdle in the next year or so… And though we have our own place, we might have a worse case scenario too. Whatever it is, as long as the family is together. That’s most important
    Winnie Lee´s last blog post ..Totful (and thankful) Tuesday: Things EV Says

  8. Thanks for sharing and it’s been a great encouragement for me too. I’m facing similar situation though not as bad. I thank God that he’s been with me. Cannot imagine how I might handle all these stress without the assurance in Him. Once a friend said to me the only thing she could bring along when she meet God is the salvation of her family, not her house.

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us… and I pray you and your family will come out stronger both as a family unit and individually as well!
    San´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Jay gets his haircut!

  10. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Being so open is definitely not easy. I pray that things will pick up from now on for you. God will come through for you!
    Klessis´s last blog post ..Popular GSS Sales

  11. We are in a room at my mum’s and sister’s place too, all three of us in a room. Just two days ago, I threw away many of my clothes because I realise I do not need so many. It felt liberating just to be able to close the drawer properly! We yearn for the day that we have our own place again too, but still thanking God for wonderful family who would share their roof with us in times of need, even though so crowded. Moth and dust may corrupt earthly possessions, but the love of our Heavenly Father is everlasting.
    Cindy´s last blog post ..A Photo A Day #5/06: Sign

  12. By letting go, you gain freedom. I’m sure you and your family will be well :)
    Take care!
    Tin´s last blog post ..The SKII story

  13. Wow. This is truly a BIG step. I haven’t lived with my parents since ’99 and I can already imagine the psychological and physical adjustments required to move back in! I admire your positive attitude and your strong faith. As you said, God will provide when the time is right. :)

  14. Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing. I can only say no matter how much we drag getting out of our comfort zone. Good family support will help you get thru this obstacle. Hugz!
    Amie´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – I Heart Cupcakes

  15. Thanks for being so vulnerable to share this. Though it’s not easy to “start afresh” in a sense, it could be a good way to spend more with your family to enjoy their company and likewise for them. I pray that where God leads, His grace and favor will follow especially in the area of provision.
    Praying for you guys *hugs*
    Susan´s last blog post ..Being team mates with my mate

  16. I’m sure that GOD will see you through your difficult times and this year will certainly be a better year for you 😛
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk´s last blog post ..Writers Workshop: Can I do it this June?

  17. God is our provider in every circumstance. Seek strength in Him and He will never leave your side. Hugs to you and your family :)
    giddy tigress´s last blog post ..Did the Groupon Deal Save My Hair?

  18. Praying for you and your family, Rachel. He will provide for his children, and you are His precious child. (I know it’s hard to picture ourselves as kids ever since we had our own…but still.) Press on!
    June´s last blog post ..Booby tricks: How to get a successful start to breastfeeding

  19. Indeed God will provide in His time and He will see you and family through these times. May there be peace in your heart always.

  20. Dear Rachel,
    I was a little shocked to read this post today. Trust me, I can really feel the pain. And I really admire your courage to share it here with your readers and move on.

    Most importantly, we still have the love and support of our loved ones. Money and properties can be earned back, we’re still young and we have bright future ahead of us.

    With a positive mindset and faith, you can overcome this tough period with your family. There is always sunshine after the rain. Take care! :)
    Emily´s last blog post ..My Holiday Haul

  21. Thanks ladies for the kind and supportive words, truly appreciate them!