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Been feeling discouraged lately.

I always wanted to work on improving my writing, but having writer’s block for what seemed like the longest time (a week and a half) told me I was not going to get anywhere.

Writing alone on this blog was never good enough for my perfectionist expectations of myself, “You ramble too much”, and besides “You don’t seem to have anything that is worth writing about lately.” I really wasn’t sure how I was able to break out of this rut.

There have been many moments that were lost last year when I stopped to pick up my camera, thinking that there was nothing special to capture or to talk about. It always had to be a new place, a new experience, or a special day, then snapshots were taken. I even told myself, “Maybe I need a new lens, to be able to capture better photographs”.


Then last week, when I took a walk alone after a heavy shower, I slowed down, paid attention to the little details around me, captured the scenes that I thought best expressed the emotions I felt at the moment.



That’s when I saw how it fit together. That all the things I loved about photography were the things I loved about writing: capturing the moment, marveling at each discovery, developing a point of view.

The person behind the lens has a voice, just like any storyteller.

Are you the family’s storyteller too? The one that writes the story of your life, with every photograph, every word that you jot down in a special space, with every memory. Document what’s the most important in your life.

I will be embarking on a new journey on this blog to see my world differently through the lens of a camera, starting with a weekly meme; Photo *Heart” Fridays, where I will share a photo on this space, write the story, reveal the heart and emotions that I feel with each photo.

So will you join me? Point, focus and shoot every milestone, relationship, family, your loves, joys, daily struggles and little successes, from the most mundane to the extraordinary.


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  1. Words to convey life’s lessons,
    Struggles, laughs and emotions.
    Every moment revealing reflections
    Of a time gone by.
    The word shaker dances –
    Presenting images previously unknown.

    Stop, look and capture.
    Don’t ask, don’t speak.
    Unrelated dreams, thoughts and aspirations,
    Seen through a distinct eye.

    Words are sometimes fleeting,
    Falling silently to the hard baked earth —
    Like a leaf out of the word shaker’s tree.

    – The Rambling Mum, for Photo *Heart* Fridays.
    Regina´s last blog post ..Words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

    Rachel Reply:

    So photos are better than words? I have never been a wordsmith so a Photo meme on Fridays seemed quite me, when I chanced upon it online. Have to find ways to motivate myself not to miss the fleeting moments of life that I often overlook. Time passes too fast, I don’t want to miss the moments that matters and wonder where it all went.

    Regina Reply:


    On days when words fail us, sometimes we can convey so much more through a picture.

    Best of all, no two person will ever see the same photo in the same way. Kinda like art. We can ‘direct’ a reader to feel a certain way, but it is so much harder with a visual.

    I have always been able to express myself better through words than via a camera lens, but there have been so many times when a fleeting glimpse of an image will transport me back to a certain time or place, a memory, a face, or evoke a certain kind of feeling which can never be described adequately through words.

    That’s what makes images so powerful, I think.
    Regina´s last blog post ..Words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

  2. Cool! Love this meme! :) Will participate for sure! :)
    Pamela Tan´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: Me

    Rachel Reply:

    Looking forward to seeing your linkup this coming Friday :)

  3. Nice design, I love simple and clean design :-)

    It’s a great idea! I might join in if time permits. Friday is almost always busy for me. Let’s see.

    I am more of a wordy person, and I love photos. So this could be what best for me – a photo and then tell a story behind it :-) Thanks for the idea!

    Rachel Reply:

    Hope u will be able to join in the fun soon :)

  4. I think this is lovely Rach…Pictures that tell great stories, and then it’s up to the writer to bring out what they want the reader to see, and yet leave room for them to make their own meaning from it. Doesn’t quite matter if it’s wordless, almost wordless, or altogether wordy…as long as the moment is captured. It’s the little details and everyday scenes that is so so beautiful, in my humble opinion.
    June´s last blog post ..Faith, hope and love

    Rachel Reply:

    Yes, this is a good exercise to learn to see the extraordinary from the daily ordinary moments which we tend to take it for granted ever so often.

  5. Great idea! I”ll try to link up in future Fridays! These couple of weeks are out for me as I’m away! Have fun and look forward to seeing your pics and interpretations! =)
    Summer´s last blog post ..Creativity 521 #2 – Life is a box of chocolates

    Rachel Reply:

    Enjoy your time with the family Summer :) will be looking forward to your link-up soon :)

  6. I heart photo when words fail too. Sometimes pictures convey much more than words, that twinkle in their eyes, their big wide grin, or just them being cheeky. Loving my Instagram pix too and will be linking up regularly :)
    Susan´s last blog post ..Celebrating Racial Harmony Day

    Rachel Reply:

    Really need to make a point to snap the photos as some moments only happen once – plus our kids grow up too fast. so photographs on our blogs I think will be the best medium to capture those memories.