Photo *Heart* Fridays – Embrace


“Mom, I think your long hair is nicer.”

“I will tell the hairdresser that she is not allowed to cut your hair the next time…”

I can never understand the boy’s obsession with my long hair. Could it be that he can’t never keep his hair long? Or that he relates the length of my hair to femininity and something he is so familiar with his mom?

I told him, “My hair may be a little different but mummy’s still the same, regardless the length of my hair.”

“I know, but I still don’t like the short hair…” he answered and climbed into arms for that tight hug that we are both so familiar with.

I am embracing this moment in time that he is still willing to be generous with his hugs.

(Photo taken with iPhone 4s)



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  1. “Boys have short hair, girls have long hair.” that’s what DinoEgg says. Maybe he like to smell ur hair when both of u are cuddling together? Or perhaps he is still adapting to the new you =)
    DinoMama´s last blog post ..Breakfast for Champs – Tuna & Sweet Corn Wrap

  2. Love this post….proves that sons can be so endearing and affectionate too! Yes kids do take time to adapt to changes, even Mommy’s hairstyle :)
    Angie´s last blog post ..Photo *Heart* Friday: Princess Meets The President!