Motherhood Mondays – He Makes me Smile

Photo1 1 copyBeing given 2 packets of Caramel Corn, wearing his favorite Spidey T-shirt and on his way to Tennis class. These things made him smile that afternoon.


And what he said lately that made me smile;

  • While we were walking to the swimming pool, he randomly kissed my arm and then told me, “I love you mom. You know even when you die, I still love you.”
  • Another random affectionate moment while I was reading to him before bedtime – Kissed me on my cheek and said. “Silly boys are those who only know how to stare at their games on the iPads n iPhones, and don’t know how to kiss their daddies and mummies.”
  • On wanting a new name – “I have a middle name right? Can I change my middle name to Diego. Or can be Blue Ninja, ok that’s not that nice. Maybe Jay, Blue Jay, Haha…(the breed of bird that he painted for his art class project). I think I prefer Sinsehwu, that’s quite a nice Japanese name to have.”


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  1. Aww so sweet!!!!! :)
    Madeline´s last blog post ..Our 1st Outdoor Photoshoot

  2. hahaha! Sinsehwu? He is very creative! :) Love this happy pic after the moody ones we saw of him recently. You taught him well Rach!
    Adeline´s last blog post ..Stay Calm and Craft On!

    Rachel Reply:

    He seems to have adjusted pretty well to the changes, I guess I underestimated his adaptability!

  3. He’s so sweet. Doesn’t he just makes your heart melt?
    Susan´s last blog post ..Top Ten Thing To Do In South Korea

    Rachel Reply:

    Totally! He is a very affectionate boy