Hong Kong 2012 Part 2 – Flowers and Birds

There are plenty of markets in Hong Kong but the ones that I focused on for this trip is for the nature lover in me; specifically blooms and plants of numerous varieties and (caged) birds of many kinds.

From the Prince Edward Road MTR, head west on Prince Edward Road west towards Fai Yuen Kai (Flower Street – see map here). It is located in the same vicinity of Ladies Market in Tung Choi Street which is to the east of Boundary Street.

Hkflwstrt 1

Hkflwstrt 4

Hkflwstrt 5

Hkflwstrt 6Everyday Spring plants (direct translation from Cantonese)

Hkflwstrt 9Happy Family plant (translated)

Hkflwstrt 11


Adjacent to Fa Yuen Kai is Yuen Bo Street Bird Garden, a quaint garden peppered with about 70 small shops selling birds, bird cages, accessories, bird feed and bird food.

Hkbirdgdn 9

Hkbirdgdn 1

The typical profile of a bird owner in Hong Kong is above 40 years old and male. It was a Saturday morning when I was in this bird garden, but I did not spot a female amongst the males who were chatting amongst themselves and admiring their pet birds. The only women here were the pet bird store owners/helpers :)

Hkbirdgdn 4

Hkbirdgdn 7

Hkbirdgdn 8

Hkbirdgdn 11

Hkbirdgdn 13

Hkbirdgdn 3

Hkbirdgdn 18

The bird garden is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you are planning a trip to the Ladies Market at Tung Choi street.

Next, see a part of Hong Kong which is visited by tailors, fashion designers and crafters.


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  1. Love all the pictures you snapped! So Cantonese in HK’s own way! Is the weather getting cooler by now? Can’t wait to see more of your sharing;).
    pc´s last blog post ..Cardboard Challenge

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks PC. The weather is still pretty warm between 26-29 degrees celsius in the day, the evenings dropping to the most 24 degrees.