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He is growing up fast. Lately it is more and more obvious that the baby in him is replaced by sharp retorts and ‘I can do it by myself, mommy!” Despite all these, he is still that tender-hearted little boy.

He still plants random kisses on my cheek, sticks really close to me while we are watching his TV programmes together and his hand always searches for my arm to hold, under the blanket in the mornings.

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He will be turning 6 in 2 months.

Instead of getting all nervous about him starting primary school next year, and worry about him not being academically prepared for the new year. I have decided that I will take a step back, and he will only attend school 4 times a week in his K2 year.

And we are going to spend more quality time together.

Childhood is fleeting and I think this is an understatement. I often feel all melancholic about these fleeting moments and wonder what he will remember from our days together. Will he remember the hugs, the silly jokes, fun and laughter? Or will he remember the not so pleasant moments, like my impatience, or times when we bicker?

I am sure that there will be plenty of things that I have said before that he will dismiss or forget as he grows older. But I will hope that he will internalize what I have taught him, things that are the most important to me. The ones that I hope he will be able to carry with him to guide him throughout his life.

About how strong and smart he is, how sensitive and considerate he can be to his loved ones and his friends. About how much he needs to depend on God, and have the faith that He is a good God that always protects and provides for him.

We will be spending more time together this year to learn about that one thing that is the most important to me; learning about our hearts and character, and most importantly how we can develop our relationship with our Creator.

Light 1
Science Object Lessons with K – ‘Let your light shine.’

So what are the moments that you are savoring this season?


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  1. That’s a bold move to make and I’m sure some parents are already hyperventilating at the thought of their kids going to Primary school. Kudos for doing what will last than adding more pressure to K.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Getting in the mood for love

    Rachel Reply:

    I think its an attempt on my end to try to grab hold of whatever fleeting moments I will have with my child before he goes to proper school. It’s not an easy decision to make I must admit and I try to curb whatever anxiousness I have about getting him prepared for primary one. At the end of the day, I ask myself, what matters more, quality time together or making sure he is ready for primary 1, and I chose the former.