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Photo *Heart* Fridays – Learning about Culture

Pnk 3

What does Singapore’s culture mean to a 5-6 year old?

From our heritage walks of Arab Street, Chinatown, Little India and Dec 2012 visit to the Peranakan Museum, the children have learnt that the country they live in is a melting pot of diverse cultures and languages.

Amongst the 4 cultures that the kids experienced from our walkabouts of the ethnic areas in Singapore, we didn’t get to complete our walkabout for the Peranankan area. Our plans for a Katong/Joo Chiat walkabout was thwarted by heavy rains that particular day after the visit to the Peranakan Museum.

The Peranakan Museum was an intriguing place for the kids to learn more about the Peranakan culture, with its artifacts, intricate beadwork and collection of Peranakan objects.

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Pnk 9

Pnk 4

To complete my series on The Accidental Tourists (Singapore), I will be doing walkabouts in the next few weeks exploring the ethnic enclave of Peranakan culture, the Katong/Joo Chiat area. Which incidentally, is the stretch of road that I travel at least twice daily, sending K to and fro school in the mornings and evenings.

Look out for my upcoming series of posts; The Accidental Tourist (me lah!) takes a Peranakan tour in Katong and Joo Chiat.


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Photo *Heart* Fridays – Weekend East

Beach 1

This was the first time that we played at the beach in Singapore (after moving to the east during the week), where K got to build his first ‘sandcastle’ with a trench.

We explore the area around Playground@Big Splash where there were plenty of food establishments, a small recreational centre for bikes and Kanjoo jumps shoes for rental and a prawning and longkang fishing area (for the kids).

Beach 3

East Coast seemed to have lost the charm that I remembered it as a child.

I had fond memories of the water slides of Big Splash in the 80s, and when the sand was still clean enough to be buried to the neck in sand :(

Now East Coast beach waters are filthy, I was quite concerned that we would walk away with some skin allergies after dipping our feet in the water to get some water for our sandcastle. Looking at the big ships that are peppering the coastline in the distance, swimming in the sea will probably mean submerging your bodies in other people’s waste (from the ships)…yuck…

Nonetheless, we made the most of our first beach experience at East Coast and still had fun. But will probably be avoiding the sand and the sea at East Coast unless the boy requests for it again…


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Wordful Wednesdays – Love Letters

Note 2

He told me not to look at his drawing when he was busy with these notes last night. Then he presented them to me, hugged me and told me that they were two love letters for me.

Note 1

A simple but such an affectionate gesture from him really makes an ordinary day for a mom so extremely sweet.

P.S to hb – Ha! I got love letters from the boy, so where are yours? Oh and I am sorry that u are relegated in the second note to a just ‘by the way’ :P…


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