Photo *Heart* Fridays – Laksa Lemak!

Katong 7

Laksa, a Peranankan dish of ‘chor bee hoon’ noodles swimming in a rich, spiced coconut and fish based gravy soup of ground dried prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts and cockles, topped with a garnish of Laksa leaves. Salivating yet?


This variant of Laksa from Katong, is characteristic by the way it is eaten from the bowl; with only a spoon, without the use of chopsticks or a fork.

A random fact about Laksa in Katong – in the 90s, Laksa ‘wars’ erupted among 4 stalls on the same road, all claiming to be the best and the original Katong Laksa. Is this stall the real McCoy?

Actually it isn’t. I have been told which stall in Katong is the real Katong Laksa but have yet to try it.

Katong 3

It’s going to be a huge challenge to keep my weight down, having to walk pass many of these Singapore local favorites every weekday morning!

Do you like Laksa? How do you usually like it, with ‘Hum’ or without? Do share your favorite Laksa stalls.

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  1. Oh my! I will be putting on weight too if I am staying around that area. So blessed lah u haha~
    DinoMama┬┤s last blog post ..Foodie Fridays – Simmered Duck with Young Ginger Root

    Rachel Reply:

    That’s why I try to limit myself to once a week food walks ­čśŤ

  2. I love laksa too . It has been a really long time since I have eating it though.
    Dominique Goh┬┤s last blog post ..5 Sumptous Dishes on a Friday

    Rachel Reply:

    Join me one of these mornings for Laksa after u drop R off from school?

  3. This is like just opposite my mom’s place (where I live now). Grew up literally ON Katong laksa. LOL! <3
    San┬┤s last blog post ..Twenty Questions

    Rachel Reply:

    Then I am sure u will know which is the original Katong Laksa stall?

  4. We love Katong Laksa…tried the branch at Holland V few times but it just doesn’t taste as good as the original…your post makes me feel like slurping down a bowl right now :)
    Angie┬┤s last blog post ..Dana Turns 5!

    Rachel Reply:

    I am still searching for the original. THis one is ok I guess, however I don’t know how good laksa is suppose to taste haha. That’s the problem when I am not exactly a foodie.

  5. I live really close this famous laksa place as well but haven’t tried it. After looking at your pic, I’m really craving for some laksa! I love hums so they are a must. Great pics!
    Zee┬┤s last blog post ..5 Random Facts About My Blog

    Rachel Reply:

    Oh I must have hums too in my Laksa.

  6. WOW.. looks really yummy… does it taste as good as it look??

    Rachel Reply:

    It’s ok I guess, but it doesnt make me want to finish the whole bowl though