The Truth, the Truth

There are times that we are called to do the things that are unpopular, the difficult things that will shock people close to you, and may even have people walk away from you. But I know that it doesn’t matter how i feel, as I don’t live for the approval of men, but for the approval of God.

I am encouraged and very comforted that just this morning, that after a dear dear friend and sister from my fellowship group read what I put up on the last post about the 2 Mega-churches in Singapore, she dedicated this poem to me. She is a very talented poet and have been writing christian and personal poems since she is 7 years old.

This is the first time in my life that anyone has written a poem in response to what I have written on this blog, and for me, it is a confirmation that honesty needs to be shared, the truth has to be told.


The Truth, the Truth


Some say that truth is relative

Some say it’s opinion-based

Some say the truth is neutral

And walk around two-faced.


Some people talk the talk but don’t

Walk the walk in fact

They smile, disguised and tell you lies

And stab you in the back.


Some human beings listen not

To anything you say

They are like sheep, perpetually asleep

And wouldn’t have it another way.


Some families hide deep secrets, dark

And do not ever tell

They take those secrets to the grave

And some, right on to Hell.


Some men are born to rule the Earth

And others, born to serve

While others live to do great works

And others, to observe.


But there are those that meekly live

And humbly walk the sod

Whose hearts and minds are on one thing:

To do the will of God.


And it is them that tell the truth

And preach the truth in love

That trial and persecution know

But great favor from above.


For truth is truth and love is love

And they walk hand in hand

For only one that tells the truth

Really loves his fellow man.


A lie can be a deadly thing

Look at what lies have destroyed

For lies have been the greatest tools

The devil has employed.


And it’s through lies that he has gained

The place he has today

In hearts and minds and souls of men

They let him have his way.


But there is truth that blazes through

Those lies and half-truth tales

Deceptions, guile and greedy smiles

Hiding now behind dark veils.


So soon now, truth will have it’s way

And all lies will be gone

The King of Kings is coming here

And will the King of Lies, dethrone.


And all the people who loved the lies

Will fall shamefaced in the street

And all who love the truth will fall

Down at their Savior’s feet.


For He is Truth and He is Love

No matter what the lie or breach

And though we are not infallible

It’s His truth, we aim to teach.


By the Poet

Aug 29, 2013

9:44 p.m.


in honor of my friend, Rachel, and her courageous fight for Truth

Fight On, Sister!!!!

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  1. Your friend is really cool. I haven’t attend church for some time now and the funny thing is, I still believe, but seldom pray and the only time I pray are usually when the kids are sick. I’ve not read the bible for a long long time and unlike you, I’m not very much into really knowing the truths in it, I used to just believe whatever the leaders said and take it at face value, never challenge nor questioned. After not going to church for some time now, I actually feel more liberated and set free, seeing that the grace that I’ve been taught is not just confined to the walls and building of that church, but rather, it extends beyond into the everyday life, big or small.

    And I truly applaud you for standing up to your beliefs and no one can crushed your spirit for standing up to it. :)
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