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After my birthday this year, it finally dawned on me that I have barely a couple of years before hitting middle-aged.

My child and family is one of my key priorities. While work may be important to put food on the table, but it is secondary to these other priorities.

So what else gives meaning to a life of a Christian woman?

I chanced upon this video from Francis Chan, a Christian Evangelist and Author, which succinctly communicates an analogy that demonstrates my attitude towards a life of a Christian in general. Sharing these quotes from a 4 minute extract of his sermon,

“The Bible teaches that what I do during this little red part (ie. my life on earth) determines how I am going to exist for millions and millions and millions of years forever (eternity). So why would I spend this little red part trying to make myself as comfortable as possible, enjoying myself as much as I can. Paul (the Apostle) says I am going to live my life for this mission, I am going to spend my life, invest my life for this moment when I cross that finish line. See, I am going to forget about all these stuff I am going to enjoy, I am going to be a runner, just looking at that moment when I face God, because when I face Him (pointing to the red part), I don’t get this chance over again. We get one chance at this life on earth. And it can end at any second for any of us. We got one chance at this, and then it comes eternity.” ¬†

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If a Christian thinks that by having a comfortable life, with a beautiful home, successful career, having to take vacations whenever and wherever, enjoying material wants and experiences without having to worry about finances, and having amassed enough money for retirement. While, possibly doing evangelism when it is convenient, is depiction of a successful Christian life…

Then, mediocrity will likely be the path he/she will take as a Christian.

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Here’s a good sermon to read from AW Tozer (1897 – 1963), could get offensive for some people, but it does put a mediocre Christian life into perspective;

‘Now, does that describe you? You’re a believer, you’re saved; you know that but you’re ordinary and have no outstanding abilities or qualities; not distinguished by spiritual superiority at all; just following the customary ways of the church. Now, I leave it you whether it describes you or not, but I have observed a lot and I do observe that as well as pray and I find that most Christians are mediocre.¬†

Now is thus the best Christ offers to us, my friends? Is this mediocre, undistinguished, half-way-up-the peak business, is this the best that the Lord offers? I do not think so; it’s our own fault…

When there’s a sermon preached or a book read the gist of which is ‘take thy cross and follow, go on unto perfection’ why, people begin to ask questions and bargain with God. They say, “What will it cost? What will it cost me to be that kind of Christian? What will it cost me in time? You know I don’t have much time. Will it cost me in money? You know I have a family. What will it cost me in labor? You know that I work hard. What will it cost me in relationships? I don’t want to give up my friends.” As soon as you hear a man, looking in the face of Jesus Christ and saying, “Master, I’d like to follow you all the way but it’s too costly.” You have a poor, mediocre wretch on your hands!”

It has been more than 50 years, but I don’t think much has changed in the Christian world. Mediocrity seems to be commonplace.

I am determined to leave this mediocrity in my Christian walk. But like what Tozer mentioned in his sermon, it does come with a cost, cost of not being convenient, uncomfortable, isn’t safe and often it isn’t that popular either.

So what’s in it for anyone to be a Christian?

The perception you will have, will be hardly anything, especially if you think this life on earth is all there is. If so, I sympathise with the state of how life is for most of us, no matter how much possessions we have, or how happy a family we have now, we are all stuck in a rut of mediocrity.

Instead of being stuck in this rut of life, you could be blazing a trail where no ruts will exist, a path that God has uniquely created for you. Only you are made and qualified for this unique purpose, and likely you are the only one who can fulfill it.

Do you know what is your purpose in life – a special assignment that is assigned to you by God? I am not surprised if 90% of people reading this, are still discovering answer to your purpose, even if you are a Christian.

So what will it take for you to break out of mediocrity and this rut of life? Isn’t it time to find out what’s the unique path in life that God has created for you to take?

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