5 Home Design Decor Ideas that I will be Adopting

Having going through the Home Decor pictures in Pinterest the past one month, here are some ideas which I have shortlisted to be incorporated into the new home.

1. Neutral with Blue / Teal

I am loving the teal that is contrasted with the grey neutral tones in this living area.

I will be using shades of blue/teal in the master bedroom, the boy’s room and the study area, as accent colours for each of the rooms. I went with a neutral shade as a base colour, which will also give me more flexibility when we move again in 2 years or so.

Screen Shot 2015 09 28 at 8 18 26 am source

2. Industrial Style

Industrial accents in home furnishing lends a vintage, yet urban feel to the home. Apart from being a common feature in numerous DIY furnishing ideas, it has also been adapted by furnishing companies to create a ‘new, yet old’ look, combining word and metal. I am leaning towards the rustic industrial style, as I think distress wood will bring in some natural touches to a cold and steely-industrial feel.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 12 54 pmsource 

3. Print and Pattern – Geometric Designs

I have always adored patterns and geometry in art design, and I think geometric elements included in Home Decor will give a modern vibe to a home and geometric shapes will add strong visual interest to a minimalistic style.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 03 57 pmsource  

4. Green in the Home

I haven’t tried keeping or growing plants before, but I have been ogling over succulents, cactuses and air plants on Pinterest the last couple of months. Maybe some green indoors with plants? I hope these plants will survive under my not-yet-determined-green-thumbs :P.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 16 06 pm


5. DIYs

I am over the idea of creating a Gallery wall with clusters of frame paintings of various sizes in the living area or bedroom.

But with my recent and ongoing obsession with all things paper (all except scrapbooking). I will be incorporate a couple of DIYs for wall decor around the house to bring in some colour and texture to the all-white walls in the house.

Paper is great choice for wall decor, especially when the resident can be somewhat fickle about the overall look (translate: can get bored easily).  I even have rather ambitious plans to have a feature shelf or wall in the house that I can update with my DIY projects on a quarterly basis.

Screen Shot 2015 09 30 at 7 46 59 pmsource

Fabric and Clay will be the other two mediums I am looking to explore with some DIY creations for Home Decor around the house.

My first preference was to go for a Scandinavian-style home as a neutral base, with some graphic styles with geometric designs, and personalise the place with hand-made creations. I am not really focused on what’s in trend or not for Home Decor, as I want to create an environment that I look forward coming home to daily, and will include the quirky personalities of the residents.


Look out for the upcoming post in Oct, for a room tour of the boy’s space in the home…  

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Blog Train : 15 or 5 Things I will Do Differently in 2015


This Blog Train sounds very much like a listing of resolutions that we are planning to keep for 2015.

But it will not be just for resolutions. Some of us will be listing out resolutions to commit to improve our lives, while others, might be looking to be the enabler for some changes in our families this year.

If we desire improvements or positive changes in any area of our lives, taking this step to think differently could be the very thing to motivate the physical changes. Change will only start when we recognize the ways we need to improve or grow.

And this is coming from someone who has no problems with eating the same breakfast for many years in a row. So, to attempt to do 15 things differently this year will a big thing for me :)

So look out for the 34 different perspectives offered from 34 Singapore Mom Bloggers in the next 4 weeks. These posts might just motivate you to create some positive changes in your life and families for this year!


Here are the blog posts lined up:

22 Jan  Right Here on this blog

23 Jan  Irene  http://singaporemomblogs.com

24 Jan  Jennifer http://www.dinomama.com/

25 Jan  Evelyn  http://evespiration.com/

26 Jan  Felicia  http://www.PrincessAndTheRock.com

27 Jan  Ruth  http://www.thepacifierdiaries.com

28 Jan  Waiwai http://www.peipeihaohao.com/

29 Jan  Winnie http://toddlymummy.blogspot.com

30 Jan  Dominique http://dominiquegoh.com

31 Jan  Danessa http://prayerfullmum.net

1 Feb  Pauline C http://journeytothebump.blogspot.com

2 Feb  Susan http://ajugglingmom.com

3 Feb  Cherie http://cherieladie.com

4 Feb  Michelle http://www.thechillmom.com

5 Feb  Ashley  http://www.mothersavenuesg.com

6 Feb  Jolin  http://the-js-arena.blogspot.sg

7 Feb   Christy  http://kidsrsimple.com/

8 Feb   Valery  http://www.homeonthestone.com/

9 Feb   Yanxiang http://www.thelittlestandusmakesthree.wordpress.com

10 Feb Angeline  http://simplymommie.com/

11 Feb  Lynn  http://www.lynnlly.com

12 Feb  Pauline W  http://mamabliss.blogspot.sg/

13 Feb  Rachael  http://jahbella.net

14 Feb  Summer  http://www.ahappymum.com

15 Feb  Estella  http://www.sooddlydreamlike.com

16 Feb  Cheryl  http://www.privikids.blogspot.sg

17 Feb  Agatha  http://www.greenissuessingapore.blogspot.com

18 Feb  Ashlyn  http://www.ashlynthia.blogspot.com

23 Feb  Mei Chee  http://www.finallymama.wordpress.com

24 Feb  Shermeen  http://www.meeningfully.com

25 Feb  Meiling http://www.universalscribbles.com/

26 Feb  Ting  http://miracule.blogspot.sg/

27 Feb  Angelia  http://growinghearts123.wordpress.com/

28 Feb  Hui Ing  http://ingspirations.com

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All you need is less

The past week I came across this article that provided some fodder for thought.

Two and a half years ago, I was forced to give up most of the things in my home, which felt like a big part of my flesh has been cut. But it turned out to an extremely effective way to clear the clutter and to kill my hoarding habits.

If I wasn’t forced to downsized my living environment, I would have stayed a hoarder (especially for clothes, crafting and home-learning materials and kitchen items). Hoarding1

Hoarding is a common trait, especially so for females! It is an accepted trait and not considered a problem, until your home looks like a home featured in one of the episodes of ‘Hoarding – Buried Alive’ from the TLC channel. Besides, most of us will think that hoarding isn’t a problem since we still have some space at home to store stuff.

Screen Shot 2014 11 28 at 5 47 52 PMEven a Disney Princess thinks hoarding is neat,

Look at this stuff, Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, The girl who has everything? …But who cares? No big deal, I want more!

I had so many logical reasons to justify my hoarding habits, reasons like ‘I can’t bear to throw it’, ‘this item can be used for some other uses’, ‘or buy more now since it seems more economical, as I will eventually use it’.

In reality, I have never use those things that I hoarded for many years.

Hoarding used to be linked to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) based disorder. But research have shed further insight to Hoarding to be linked to depression, a need for comfort due to fears and anxiety, insecurity and even attention deficit disorder.

So Hoarding is an issue that is linked to the heart? Sounds like this condition may be a result of the vacuums existing in a heart that need stuff, lots of stuff, to temporary fill.


Hoarders6Hoarding Infographic extracted from here

Need help to deal with hoarding tendencies?

Here are 10 questions to help you with decluttering, and hopefully restrict the tendencies to buy in bulk.

And if you ever get tempted to buy more to hoard, join Pinterest, it is digital hoarding the healthier way without taking up extra space at home.

Anti hoarding

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