Pinned it, Made it – Geometric Blocks

I have been spending time browsing through Pinterest and found so many good ideas for Home Decor display items.

One of the design decor ideas that I mentioned in a recent post that I will be adopting for the home will Geometric Designs, and I spotted this item; Geometric Blocks that I really liked.

Screen Shot 2015 10 25 at 8 27 47 pm

The only limitation is that most of these things are available in US and it can get rather costly to get them shipped to Singapore :( So I decided to make my own version of Geometric blocks.

Plain wooden blocks can be easily found at Daiso, and it is sold in a pack of 12 for SGD $2, so I bought 3 packs of 32 blocks and together with these other materials,

Geometric Blocks 1

Materials needed to make Geometric Blocks;

32 Wooden Blocks


Gouche or Acrylic Paint

Brushes and a Paint Palette

Washi tape or masking tape

1. Sandpaper the surface of the wooden blocks, before paint is applied

Geometric Blocks 2

2. Use washi or masking tape and tape on a block cross diagonally to create a triangular shape

Geometric Blocks 3

Geometric Blocks 4

4. Apply paint on the triangular area on the block, taking care not to let paint drip to the sides of the block

Geometric Blocks 5

5. Paint triangles on all 32 blocks on all six sides, one colour at the time.

Geometric Blocks 6

6. There you have it, Geometric Blocks. Each block has 6 sides to it, so you can select a colour palette of 6 different shades that are complementary to one another.

Geometric Blocks 7

As I went with 32 cubes, of 6 sides each, it can work out to quite a number of sections on total number of cubes to paint. Then the cube was finished with a paint setting spray.

This project (including drying time for the paint) was completed in 2 sessions of 2 hours each. Rather time consuming, but the final outcome of the decor item was worth the effort.

There are likely many permutations of geometric patterns that can be created with 32 blocks with 6 sides each, and I haven’t found the time to explore how much patterns can be created with this.

But I love this decor item as it is interactive, and not static like most decor items or shelving displays.

And most of all I made it myself!

Geometric Blocks 8

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The Home Decor Project – My 8 Year Old’s Room

(NOT a sponsored post)

I have always been a very visual person with a passion for design and crafts, but have never been formally trained in any form of art or design.

So putting together details and decor for a space got me rather enthusiastic and I was all game to transform this room into a space that Kyle will be drawn to and enjoy spending time in.

I wanted to re-use some of the furniture, namely, the baby changing table, an item we purchased for Kyle since he was an infant and minimise buying new furniture for his room.

Nonetheless, we went with three items from IKEA.

Kyle s room 1

 (L to R): Micke Desk with integrated storage $99, Micke Drawer unit on castors $89 and MALM Bedframe (super-single) with 2 Drawer Units $449

I think IKEA furniture is good for a growing child’s room, as it is affordable. But since it is hardly durable, it becomes a necessity to update the furniture after 3-4 years.

IKEA furniture can look generic, i.e., you can probably find 10,001 other copies of children’s room that will look the same as your child’s room if you don’t make the point to decorate the room with other items. Can totally understand why IKEA Hackers exist, as I would likely fall under that category of consumers if I had more wood-working knowledge and time on my hands.

So with a lack of knowledge of how to hack furniture, the next best thing I can do to a room is to put together stuff tastefully.

The Room BEFORE Kyle s Room 2


The Room AFTER

Kyle s Room 4

The neutral shades that are fundamentally in his room are white, grey, black and brown. The grey curtains darkens the room, but the room needed curtains that blocked out the sun, especially during weekend mornings so that the boy can sleep in on non-school days. Besides I abhorred the design of the curtain that came with the house.

I layered multiple sources of lights to the room with table lamps and other lighting near the dark curtains to create a warmer ambience.

Kyle s Room 7

The shades of blues, greens and primary colours from the art and plants in the room adds some vibrancy and creates a more personalised touch to his room.

Kyle s Room 14

The accessories for the room such as the ‘block out lights’ curtains, potted plants, lamps and other lights (fairy lights from IKEA, others from, cork board from Art-Friend work out to be less than $200.

All artwork in the room is by Kyle created over the past 1 year, some are on canvas, while others have been mounted on cardboard.

Air Balloon Hanging Mobile near window is handmade, patterns and instructions can be found on the blog here.

Kyle s Room 10

Kyle s Room 9

Except for the one with ‘washi-frames’, which were very old but much-loved postcards of dogs that I kept for years, that were dugged up from the dusty boxes from the rental storeroom space.

Kyle s Room 6

The most challenging part of decorating the room has to be fitting the old furniture into his room; the baby changing table, a 5 year old table and IKEA plastic chair.

The old changing table is now a book shelf. All I did was to reduce the number of books that Kyle has, by keeping those that he currently likes and read and having a decluttering sale to clear the rest of the other books through my Facebook page. So with less books, I am able to brighten the shelf with some green but artificial plants.

Kyle s Room 8

I have created a little Lego building / reading nook behind his bed, and brighten it up with ambient lights and the boy helped me put up more of his artwork on the side of the bed.

I am still toying with the idea of up-cycling the old table and plastic chair, but until I am done with fitting in the furniture and work on the decor for the other rooms, I will work on this table and chair at a later time.

Kyle s Room 13

So far Kyle loves being in his room, as it is not just a comfortable place to sleep but a cosy place for him to read and play as well.

I am sure this space will continue to evolve, but before I work on anything, I am sure to run the ideas by him first. I have made a point to ask for his input on various things in his room and included him in on the planning, as I want him to feel like he is a big part of the planning process for the decor of his room.

When we move again in 2-3 years time, he will definitely be included in the process of the design of his space in the home.

Kyle s Room 5

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5 Home Design Decor Ideas that I will be Adopting

Having going through the Home Decor pictures in Pinterest the past one month, here are some ideas which I have shortlisted to be incorporated into the new home.

1. Neutral with Blue / Teal

I am loving the teal that is contrasted with the grey neutral tones in this living area.

I will be using shades of blue/teal in the master bedroom, the boy’s room and the study area, as accent colours for each of the rooms. I went with a neutral shade as a base colour, which will also give me more flexibility when we move again in 2 years or so.

Screen Shot 2015 09 28 at 8 18 26 am source

2. Industrial Style

Industrial accents in home furnishing lends a vintage, yet urban feel to the home. Apart from being a common feature in numerous DIY furnishing ideas, it has also been adapted by furnishing companies to create a ‘new, yet old’ look, combining word and metal. I am leaning towards the rustic industrial style, as I think distress wood will bring in some natural touches to a cold and steely-industrial feel.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 12 54 pmsource 

3. Print and Pattern – Geometric Designs

I have always adored patterns and geometry in art design, and I think geometric elements included in Home Decor will give a modern vibe to a home and geometric shapes will add strong visual interest to a minimalistic style.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 03 57 pmsource  

4. Green in the Home

I haven’t tried keeping or growing plants before, but I have been ogling over succulents, cactuses and air plants on Pinterest the last couple of months. Maybe some green indoors with plants? I hope these plants will survive under my not-yet-determined-green-thumbs :P.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 16 06 pm


5. DIYs

I am over the idea of creating a Gallery wall with clusters of frame paintings of various sizes in the living area or bedroom.

But with my recent and ongoing obsession with all things paper (all except scrapbooking). I will be incorporate a couple of DIYs for wall decor around the house to bring in some colour and texture to the all-white walls in the house.

Paper is great choice for wall decor, especially when the resident can be somewhat fickle about the overall look (translate: can get bored easily).  I even have rather ambitious plans to have a feature shelf or wall in the house that I can update with my DIY projects on a quarterly basis.

Screen Shot 2015 09 30 at 7 46 59 pmsource

Fabric and Clay will be the other two mediums I am looking to explore with some DIY creations for Home Decor around the house.

My first preference was to go for a Scandinavian-style home as a neutral base, with some graphic styles with geometric designs, and personalise the place with hand-made creations. I am not really focused on what’s in trend or not for Home Decor, as I want to create an environment that I look forward coming home to daily, and will include the quirky personalities of the residents.


Look out for the upcoming post in Oct, for a room tour of the boy’s space in the home…  

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