Hong Kong 2012 Part 6 – The Science Museum

Have you experienced the educational side of Hong Kong? If you haven’t, do follow through these 2 final posts of my 7 part series of Hong Kong 2012, where I will cover 2 must-see places in Hong Kong if you have kids above 4 years of age.

The Hong Kong Science Museum 香港科学馆 is a perfect place to visit if you experience a rainy day during your visit to Hong Kong.

The Science Museum has more than 500 exhibits within their premise, and close to 70% of their exhibits are interactive. One of their most prominent exhibit is the 22 metre high Energy Machine, which is the tallest and biggest exhibit in the Museum. It stands as high as the four storeys of the Museum, and displays energy conversion when the balls are set in motion and produces sounds and visual effects.

HKScMuseum 5The Energy Machine

1st Floor

HKScMuseum 1

HKScMuseum 2Occupational Safety and Health Gallery on the 1st Floor

HKScMuseum 4Electricity and Magnetism Gallery


Ground Floor

HKScMuseum 9

HKScMuseum 6The Lufengosaurus exhibit at the LIfe Sciences Gallery

HKScMuseum 7

HKScMuseum 8Looking at plastic models of baby fetuses

HKScMuseum 12

HKScMuseum 11A skeleton of a rabbit

HKScMuseum 13

HKScMuseum 14A model of a human heart

HKScMuseum 15Seeing through the eyes of an insect

HKScMuseum 16Fiddling with a 3D motion sensor game

HKScMuseum 19World of Mirrors





There are also the galleries of Light, Sound, Mathematics, Motion and Environmental Conservation on the same level of the Science Museum.


Second Floor

HKScMuseum 41

HKScMuseum 40Food Sciences Gallery

HKScMuseum 39A life sized DC-3 airplane which is the first local airliner of Hong Kong.

HKScMuseum 43Driving Stimulator

The galleries of Home Technology, Telecommunications and Prototype zones are on the 2nd Floor of the Science Museum.


Third Floor

HKScMuseum 44The Children’s Gallery and Energy Efficiency Centre is on the top floor of the museum

The exhibits are interesting, well-maintained and sanitized every hour, something that Singapore Science Centre should take a page from, for their much needed over-haul :P. K and I took about 3 hours to complete most of the interactive exhibits within the museum.

To get to Hong Kong Science Museum, take the MTR to Hung Hom station and follow the footbridge for a 15 minute walk to the museum.

Standard ticket for an adult is at HKD$25.00, $12.50 for a student from 4 years of age and free admission for children below 4. Free admission on Wednesdays.

Next post on part 7, the final part of my blog series to Hong Kong 2012; a comprehensive photo coverage of what is there to see at the Hong Kong History Museum.

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