Blog Train : 15 or 5 Things I will Do Differently in 2015


This Blog Train sounds very much like a listing of resolutions that we are planning to keep for 2015.

But it will not be just for resolutions. Some of us will be listing out resolutions to commit to improve our lives, while others, might be looking to be the enabler for some changes in our families this year.

If we desire improvements or positive changes in any area of our lives, taking this step to think differently could be the very thing to motivate the physical changes. Change will only start when we recognize the ways we need to improve or grow.

And this is coming from someone who has no problems with eating the same breakfast for many years in a row. So, to attempt to do 15 things differently this year will a big thing for me :)

So look out for the 34 different perspectives offered from 34 Singapore Mom Bloggers in the next 4 weeks. These posts might just motivate you to create some positive changes in your life and families for this year!


Here are the blog posts lined up:

22 Jan  Right Here on this blog

23 Jan  Irene

24 Jan  Jennifer

25 Jan  Evelyn

26 Jan  Felicia

27 Jan  Ruth

28 Jan  Waiwai

29 Jan  Winnie

30 Jan  Dominique

31 Jan  Danessa

1 Feb  Pauline C

2 Feb  Susan

3 Feb  Cherie

4 Feb  Michelle

5 Feb  Ashley

6 Feb  Jolin

7 Feb   Christy

8 Feb   Valery

9 Feb   Yanxiang

10 Feb Angeline

11 Feb  Lynn

12 Feb  Pauline W

13 Feb  Rachael

14 Feb  Summer

15 Feb  Estella

16 Feb  Cheryl

17 Feb  Agatha

18 Feb  Ashlyn

23 Feb  Mei Chee

24 Feb  Shermeen

25 Feb  Meiling

26 Feb  Ting

27 Feb  Angelia

28 Feb  Hui Ing

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  1. I guess it’s good to break down the resolution into small actionable items. 😀 Looking forward to the whole list of change!